Northern light trying to only grow on one side, what is wrong with it?

I got some northern lights seeds here and they are all doing fine but one of them is trying to only grow on one side. Is it a genetic defect or did it get damaged from too much water or something? Any ideas what might be making my little baby retarded? And yes i know i gave her a little too much water but they all seem to be doing fine despite that except this little girl.

It hasn’t even gotten going yet. Be patient. It is probably reacting to that soil

PH? soil have fertilizer?

it is in 2 parts ffof, 2 part black gold, 1 part perlite and one part well rinsed coco-coir. the other three look good to me just that one somethings up with. i fed them ph6 water the first time but i’ve been using 6.5 from then on the one other time i’ve watered them.i’m real new to this and now two of them have small roots coming out the bottom and i’m not sure what to do as they look to me to be too small to transplant. The soils ph is between 6.5 and 7. I flushed it before i used it and let it dry out a bit because i figured too much nutrients might burn them. It’s my first grow so i expected to make stupid mistakes, i did a lot of research but it’s proving to me nothing will beat experience. Any input on what to do about the roots? i’ll add a pic, I’m documenting my whole grow since it’s legal here in oregon and there’s no need to hide it. It might have been a mistake but i dug down about an inch-inch and a half and put just a little bit of rooting hormone in the hole and covered it back up before i planted. Just to add, the cups wet because i sprayed it with 6.5 water to keep it wet since i have no idea what to do, it wasn’t sitting in runoff. Also i haven’t given it any nutrients.

You have transplant again in the final bucket or pot you plan to finish in , and balanced your soil before you put the new plant in , adding B1-super thrive will help the stress one the plant .

Transplanted the four plants i had going. My plant only growing out one side had a really abnormal root structure and the bottom third stuck to the bottom of the cup on that one. I covered the remaining roots and soil with rooting hormone and went ahead and finished the transplant. 24 hours later she’s still looking the same, not dead or wilting, YET. I’m hoping what i did when that happened was the right thing to do since i couldn’t find any answers on any of the forums i go to.Most of it’s roots were near the top of the soil and the other three were down at the bottom wrapping around. I still have no idea why just that one plant went all funky on me. They were all in exactly the same soil exactly the same light, everything exactly the same but the roots didn’t grow right. I’m going to chalk it up to some sort of genetic anomaly and just hope she lives.

Here she is today, just an update. Still not 100% sure what is wrong with her. She still has the problems but wow she seems to be thriving none the less.