Northern "Dwight's" Cannabis Indica

Hi everyone! New to this site, but not new to growing the dankity dank! This is my first time growing indoors, as my previous plants were outdoors. I have 4 plants at somewhat various stages of vegetation. the biggest one shown is 4 weeks of veg, while the rest are coming up on week 2 or 3. Currently using fox farms trio for nutrients and ocean forest for the soil medium. My setup is a little bit funky lookin, but it’s cause I don’t really have much experience in growing indoors. I used to grow outdoors and let mother nature do her thing. Let me know what you think!


Welcome looking good :+1:

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They look good and healthy. Welcome to the inside.
What light do u have? Watts? Exhaust fan and fans to circulate air?

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I am outta likes :+1:
Your plants look great. :grinning:

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Your plants look good and stout. Are you feeding the trio yet or still just water? They shouldn’t need anything extra in Ocean Forest for at least 4 weeks. If your lights are good you should think about getting some cal-mag soon, I have needed it in FF soil around week 6-8 . Pretty consistent for me.
Northern Lights is a favorite of mine for the terps. Great flavor…

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This is what I’m running at the moment:

Barrina T5 Grow Lights, Full Spectrum Grow Light, 3ft 128W (8 x 16W, 800W Equivalent), LED Grow Lights

VIVOSUN 6-Inch 390 CFM Inline Duct Fan Kit with Carbon Filter

Not sure where you’re located, but it’s cold as balls outside on the west coast lol. So, I have an oscillating mini space heater (with fan) 1500w

AC infinity desktop temp/humidity monitor

I also have a light timer and I run a 16-8 schedule at night :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

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Currently I’m using 2 out of the 3. FF grow big mixed with FF big bloom.

I love the smell too! Right now it’s smells sweet and skunky inside the tent.

Thank you!

Just a heads up re FF OF and the Trio. Believe the feeding schedule when it says to flush. The Trio tends to build up in the soil and really mess up its ph.
I did not see any risers or trays to catch runoff. That is mandatory when running soil and synthetic nutrients. Since you are adding nutrients now I assume you are checking ph & ppm of feed solution. Feeding and watering to 15% runoff helps reduce salt build up in the soil. Even with following this flushing is usually necessary. And as mentioned supplementing calcium and magnesium with CalMag additive is customary when using the Trio. It doesn’t have enough on its own.
Good lighting is critical to indoor growing. The T5 will get you well into veg. I’m not sure what it is you have for full spectrum LED. ???

I suspect they may need help. Brand info or Amazon link if applicable would help evaluating what they are.

A northern lights I grew a couple years ago was one of the prettiest and frostiest bud I’ve grown. It was undersized but that didn’t matter.

Good luck.


Thank you🤙 Very much appreciate your input!

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I am 30 miles south of buffalo, ny. Darn cold here, too. I also have to have a heater.

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I’m out in California, 30 miles south of Los Angeles, and apparently we were issued a “Blizzard Warning.” Lol. We apparently forget how to drive when its raining, let alone snow lol.

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