Nootz and ph/ppm stuff

@Aussie_autos G’mornin mate…:laughing::smiley::roll_eyes:
Ok ILGM Black Widow Fem DAY 49
Soil / 5 gal bucket / 6x4 closet
Jacks 321
Humidity 70-80%
Temp 77-81….been closer to 80 most of time lately. Temps outside rising. Im in Maryland, east coast usa.
Large plant in back-
Ph 6.4 in / 6.4 out
Ppm 1100 in / 500 out …wtf
Small plant in front
Ph 6.4 in /6.2 out
Ppm 1200 in / 860 out …:roll_eyes:
Raised ppm on small plant last feed. Helped a little. Both plants got good defol Saturday. They seem to have responded ok, but the leaves are starting to curl and are reaching. The temp was 81 in closet when I got home today. I let closet air out awhile, raised light to 18” above canopy and turned it down to 600 pphd. Vspectr 2500. I can get light/temp thing figured out. I need help getting this ph figured out with the Jacks 321. My numbers were doing good up until a week or so ago. Now im doubting my recently calibrated ph pen…


Well ur plants look good ur always going to be Ur own worse critic when it comes ro ur own grow ur ph seems to db fine anyway between 6.0-6.5 is good i dont do anything about ppm going in or out due i use dry amendments ,i think ur ppm os the one that maybe a little high going in specially for veg stage for what i have read the ppm for veg should be around 500-680 and as u go go onto flower ur ppm will go up to 700-850 going by what i have seen and read do ypu have fans in ur grow room to handle heat and air flow is so how many fans

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I have a 14" fan and a 6"fan both on high. Ive been feeding them 100% of Jacks 321 every other feed. Tryin to get this right Ive always been a more is better kinda guy…

Quick question @Aussie_autos if u dont mind, your organic and dry amendments right ? If so, if you did check your run off, is it high? I recently started using dry amendments in flower, and ever since then my #s are high 1000 sor 2000s one was even 3000. But when Using liquids organic nutes they were right where i wanted them when i took run off. But plants still looked good.

Ph is good :+1: but for ppm , do you understand whats going on , it went in 1100 and the plants ate 600ppm soon as you added lets me know you dont water them daily , bad grower , how woukd you like to go 24 hours without water ? The plants are a living breathing vubration feeling thing , shame on you !
1200 and 860 out that one ate
340 ppm , so next watering you only want to add what they ate out 1100 and 1200 does that make sense ? This should allow the ppm to stay stable around 800ish and before you add nutrients your next feeding mate , slurry test your dirt and check ppm and only add whats needed to get them to the ppm they need at that growth stage ?
800 week
950 week
1050 week
1150 week
900 week
500 week
If you need cgarts i have a chart that gives you better understanding if this confusing ?

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Runoff test already determined that.

Without being quite as abrasive as the above, at this point your soil is depleted and you will have to supplement for the rest of the grow (think of it as coco with a higher PH). I would continue with the Jack’s, my experience is no need to water to runoff: only if wanting to take some data. Supplement at every watering and at this point you could water daily as your pot is likely one big root ball now.

As stated: high concentration of salts going in with half that value going out indicates plants are feeding heavily.


I suggested slurry testing before feeding nutrienrs each week . This way he can control ppm that the plants used and not just add what he thinks the measurements are by feeding charts .
Every nutrient line says add 5 mls per gallon but never states how much ppm that may be right , so each time he feeds what he adding 5mls , but what if its still 2.5mls of nutrients still in the dirt cause he did not water them enough daily right , how would he know what to feed in ppm to not just add 5 mls every time , wait until it runs out but it coukd of only needed 200 ppm to get the roitzone back to 400 ppm at 2.6 mls a gallon but he just adding 5 mls each time wont end good in flower is all im saying check the ppm level in the dirt , coco , of course in hydro and only add whats needed instead of just feeding what the feeding measurements says ,

If he keep the roitzone at the specific ppm when adding nutrients by finding that ppm in the dirt right before he feeds , i think he will do better than using runoff numbers !

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Thanks Yoshi, I just learned something, and Im pretty confidant i understand if not ill ask.

Thank you Myfriend Im listening and learning. Thanks for your help.

@Sizzzl, I can’t help with the nutes stuff, but I think your plants looks great. Your leaves are “praying” to the light, it’s a sign of vigorous growth, as is the lighter color. I think it will level out in a couple days even if you don’t change a thing. But your growing girl is going to start needing more food and water.

@CurrDogg420 Thanks brother Im keeping a close eye on em tryin to keep them healthy !
gonna be time to flip them soon…?

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Yes, she appears mature enough, you can send her to bed early and get down to business. Is it your first time? :laughing:

I wish that trellis net was about 4” lower, and that there was a second layer, but that’s just how I do it. It looks like you have enough to work with to fill up your squares.

If you’re going to flip you should do a little more pruning of underneath branches, I see a few “larfy” nodes still hiding under there. And anything else that’s kinda “twiggy” compared to your mains. Those tiny sucker branches are what become your “larf”, so just get rid of them first and you won’t have any and you’ll have a little bigger flowers on top.

This is my first indoor. When i put the net up, I was expecting them to get taller. They have
grown several inches this week and I think the nets gonna work out ok. The larf . Ive been defolin quite a bit lately, I was worried about shocking them. I opened them up a lot ! ill continue gently getting rid of larf. Im hoping to get a good week or so without any problems and then flip They are 7 weeks old today. @CurrDogg420 Thanks again

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You have moderator help you cant go wrong if they help you . Its how i learn, but many of have such an advantage now cause you can get great informations from several growers . When i started , we had to wait like 3- 4 days before someone responded to your questions on your garden , so it lind of forced me to self teach myself from what basics i would get here , than i even paid for my lifetime lab membership to get the lab grow info , that was many years ago , and i always keep written notes :memo:, i still do until this day , hell i just cone back from the Russellville farm today making seasonal adjustments to the controls now its getting sparatic humidity with rain :cloud_with_rain:, its never stable in these parts but you adapt , take notes :memo: and make small adjustments daily ! Everyday small things !


Yah if i was to check my ppm coming out it would be sitting on arouund 1500-2300 i guess but as you onow the beneficial bacteria take care of all that sort of stuff thats why it doesnt affect our plants

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Less is more when it comes to auto flowers i would go by the feeding schedule the jacks provide for autoflowers the only time i tend to push my autos is in flower after the half way mark i tend to push more potassium and phosphorus to try to get those big flowers

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Seems like a lot of people on here have auto flowers, id like to try one this summer. Do they do well organically or is it not enough time in the soil for them

have a look at this its grown organically

This a critical purple auto im doing now


beautiful !

They respond really good to organics and i always get big yields my last grow i got nine ozs off one plant and this grow i think im going to get over nine ozs of this one critical purple auto and i think with my GSCA i will get around four to five ozs