Noobie with curl please help!

3 weeks into a WW Auto grow and I have curling (down) leaves on one of 3 plants. Others look fine.

WW Auto
2x4x5 tent
3 gall pots
900 watt LED
2x 100 watt cfl w/ reflectors
Inside temp 80f
1 6" fan for movement
No added nuets at this point.
Lightly water every other day.
18/4 cycle

Any advice would be helpful.

The only advice i can give right now is this
Small plant + big pot= easily overwatered.
The plants at this stage should be covered with a humidity dome. And only spritzed with ph water for now. When you do start to water the pot, take and only water with 1 liter and only water a circle around the plant. Only water to the circumference of the widest set of leaves. You shouldnt really water for a week or so


Thanks for the advise.

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I relooked they may not need the dome. At first glance they looked smaller.

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If you have any questions you can feel free to tag me by putting the @ symbol in front of my screen name like this

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Patience and modest H2O at this stage.

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They look good so far. When you take pics, turn off the blurple and get regular light on, it helps show the colors better on the leaves.

Limp, curling down leaves are a sign of both over an underwater, makes it tough. If I had to guess, I’d say they are thirsty. When you water, how much do you add?

What kind of soil are you using?

Do you have a digital pH and ppm meter, pH up and down, such that you can water at 6.5pH (looks like you are using a true soil whihc needs 6.5pH vs. soilless which is 5.8)? bn897

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Ordered a phone meter. On the way.

PH meter…not phone meter on order. On the soil am very embarrassed to say miracle grow…standing by for the slaps on back of my head. Starting to see the downward curl on the second of three plants. I did notice my room temp was peaking above 87. I have watered and added ventalation have the room down to 78 now. Trying to get it lower.

That light looks like it’s pretty close for a strong light and young plants ? What’s the height

It was close to 15 I have lifted it to about 24" I had this crap light meter I was trying to appease.

Getting the temps down to 78 and the light up is a good start. What is the specific type of miracle gro soil you are using? Also can you send new pics under natural light so we can get an up close look at the leaves colors?

I will take pics and send the soil type when I get home… thanks again to this fourm. I know alot of this seems like no bainer stuff. Thankd for being gentle, just a noob on his first grow.

Confirmed the soil is “miracle grow” 'potting mix" nothing else added but light and water.

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its all good fun ! we were all noob’s once.

I have always used MiracleGrow and it does the trick for me at this point in my growing voyage :ship:



@raustin any thoughts on this?

Yes, you’ve got a nitrogen toxicity. Are you feeding? What soil are you in?

Happy anniversary, @Sixpackdad!

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