No smell on auto flower

Auto flower gorilla glue 2 months in, plants big and look good but no smell and not sticky. Brown hairs are forming and buds look good but no smell and only slightly sticky. Never had this issue before, what am I doing wrong?

any pics

looks like you have a month to go

pour the light to them


@Pdan1 she looks really healthy and like the buds are starting to bulk up! Im sure the smell is coming soon! Also as a grower I can’t smell my buds much I get use to the smell. But my husband who doesn’t smoke just approaches the room I grow in and he’s smelling my bud!


Looks good! What’s the RH been like?

Thanks for your response man. Pour the light meaning give it more light? In Australia just started a hot summer. Had the plants under 1000hps for a month and the end of October once the weather was warmer I put them outside. Should I bring them in a night and put them under the light? Your help is much appreciated.

Rh around the 50%. Had them under lights for first month now summer here in Australia so end of October put them outside. Thanks heaps for your response.

RH at 50-55% is what I aim for. This is just speculation, but maybe the change of light intensity is playing into the lack of terpene development.