Here we go again. Expert advice needed

OK so I had two ladies going and one turned hermie. Plucked bananas but they kept coming back and didn’t want to risk pollination to my monster auto next to it. Before removing I noticed this damp smell on the buds of the photo hermie. The auto had a normal cannabis fragrance(smelt wonderful). Took the photo out chopped and hung up what I have (was in 4/5 week of flowering, most trichs where milky/cloudy so why not right)… Roots where at the bottom of the fiber pot. Possibly starting root rot due to being root bound (maybe reason for smell)So here is the problem. Yest I open the tent to the smell of old damp basement. On the buds only, soil does not smell of musky dampness. I checked for wpm on all the buds and did not see anything that appeared to be WPM. Im entering 5th wk of flower for the auto and removed the humidifier that was keeping the rh at 40-50% but I can only figure it’s the water coming out of the humidifier. Without it and the AC running the rh drops into the 30s. Will that be OK for this lovely lady being that low and should I go ahead and do a peroxide spray incase there Is some forming and in a spot I can’t see? TIA … PS I know airflow is important and I took care of that from the beginning. 6in exhaust fan with carbon filter. 4 fans inside a 2x4x6. It’s nice and breezy but all on low so it’s not hurricane force winds.

In flower you want lower humidity. 30 should be fine


a peroxide treatment will not do any harm and would stop any mold.
air movement is important.

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I agree with both comments, you’ll be fine and it was most likely the humidifier causing that smell

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