No seeds?on harvest

After my harvest I notice there are no seeds on my heads.On my previous harvest I had a lot of pips.Am I blind?

No seed gives the best weed.

I’m sure you’re not blind. For seeds to happen a male or hermaphrodite plant has to reach pollen sack stage to cause seeds. If that doesn’t happen, the girls just keep on getting prettier.

That is what they call “Sensimilla”

can one pollinate a plant from feminized seed for viable seeds

If you pollinate it with a plain male - normal seeds.
If you pollinate it with a hermaphrodite - feminized seeds.

Just remember, the new seeds will take the genetics of both the mother and the “father” plants.

If you take a single plant, cause a branch to hermaphrodite, the seeds produced will be just that strain and feminized.

regular, feminized, autoflower

How to Feminize Your Seeds

1st of all the feminized plant would have to “hermie”, in order to produce pollen sacks.