No Cal-Mag in Flower?

I think they are getting close. Beginning of Week 8 of flower. I’ve been struggling with PH Runnoff being very low in OF but input has been 6.5. I am using FF nutes with the addition of Cal Mag since I have only used rain water throughout the whole grow and I read somewhere it was a good idea.
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Deficiencies are now starting to show up so I started reading the topics. Bergman suggests NO Cal-Mag in flower because it has too much N. Uh oh! Crap! Will we be ok? We are so close! Anything else I should be doing or just keep an eye on pistols for 30% amber?


Those are honestly beautiful colors.


Youll be fine without it, those are looking great


I’m not seeing any sign of excess N, but you could go either way. So close to end of life now.


Looks like the plants eating itself up as it should be this late @GardenShoppe. Those purpling leaves say she’s close to done to me.


Looking awesome growmie. Shes letting you know shes getting close.


The amount of nitrogen depends on the cal mag product. When I needed it I used General Hydroponics Cal-Magic. It is 1-0-0. I would not consider this to be excessive. Some forms may have a higher N %. Read the product label.

I do not see N toxicity either. Some may be from ph issues but not of any concern given how far along it is.


Here is what foxfarm recommends

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I use bloom city calmag and its 2-0-0 with GH maxi-bloom which is 5-15-14 and it’s not been a problem for me.
Plant look to me like just natural ripening :man_shrugging: so close to the end you can go either way, addcit or remove it, should not really have much effect at this point…

I’m planning on just ph’ing water until the end. I’m not wanting to be too impatient…but I am. My husband has cancer and he really, really wants to sample our first grow. Each day is a blessing to us as it has metastasized to his brain but he is still feeling ok. I see a lot of darker pistols but I suck at percentages. All looks milky as far as trichomes. Looking for the most “energetic” medical benefits. What is the quickest you think I can safely chop it without wasting time/money spent growing.


Pull the lower stuff and quick dry it


If you want energetic @GardenShoppe cut it now. All the trichomes are heavily milky and that’s what you want.


I just sampled the sunset sherbert i harvested today via scissor hash… trichomes all milky and me likey.