No amber trichomes

Question from a fellow grower:

I always grew potent weed without no hazzle. For the past 2 years everything has gone downhill.first I had mold on my plants, then I had bud rot. then I had Fussarium.I finally got rid of it all with Oxidate 2.0. and I built a new indoor room …Still my problem is my plants grow and have trichomes, but they never turn amber and have no potency like somking grass.I have grown outdoors and indoors, with no positive results.I have tried asking but nobody has ever run across a problem like this before.And not only me for 50 miles the growers I know have the same problem. and a lot of my friends will not admit the truth even thou I use a microscope to show there are a few trichomes but no amber.I have let some plants stay as long as 9 months to no avail If you have any idea please share


Hey @ILGM.Stacy welcome to the forums. wow, i got nothing for ya but that is scary. am a rookie myself and will be following this to see what could be doing this stuff. One thing they will need to help is for you to fill out a ticket which has all the info on your grow. type of soil, light, seeds, ph of soil, and lots of other things. with something as weird as this, you will need to provide lots of info for the smart guys to delve thru to come up with some ideas.


Support ticket here. I’d love the see our Guru’s to analyse this situation. I’d at least like to know the strain.



If you can fill out support ticket and attach pics of plants would help a bunch.

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So many variables…
Are you sure you’re growing females :joy:?

Pics and more info please.


What is your growing zone and are you in a valley?
Was this a old mine area?
If you can grow corn or tomatoes there then you should not have a problem with weed. You would have to be in a valley and have a microclimate like the north Missouri valley even then your photos should be able to handle this. Where are you located at?

Depends on location for outdoor grows because i know where i live we get cold to quick and out days dont go to 12 12 till late

You do realise @ILGM.Stacy isn’t new here aye? She’s apart of ilgm and I think that’s a question that someone has emailed ilgm…


howdy disgruntled grower,
we need to talk.!
start an ILGM account so u have more access to the site, >Edit… sorry, thought u were posting for someone else.!
i m experiencing the same exact thing, my tomato plants even get Fusarium Wilt if the compost levels r not adequate, bud rot and fungus gnats r always knocking on my door…

i know your pain,
i have 10+ yrs of growing experience, 4 or 5 outdoors and 5 or 6 indoor,
due to kids, i took a 10 yr break from growing and have moved to a new place,
never had this problem back then, and have tried MANY things to remedy this issue.

r u getting purple petioles and purple streaks up the main stem.?
at 6-7 wks into 12/12 do they get ~15% cloudy then stop progressing.?
kinda slow growth like the temps r a little low.?


Stacy has been with ILGM for years. A trusted work mate :slight_smile:


Did you show her where the support ticket is?? :joy::rofl: i’d still like to know the answer to the situation.


thank you sir,
i thought she was posting for someone without an account, OOPS.! LOL.!!

if ANYONE is interested,
i have posted this conundrum on 4 grow sites,
many good suggestions, but nothing has changed for the better…

there is another on growweedeasy, but i can’t find it.

had another on Jorge Servantes’ site, but that site is dead, literally.!
my anti-virus did like that site at all, said it was ‘‘improperly configured and unsafe’’

if anyone has any suggestions for Stacy (and me), we r all ears.!
i have tried high and low levels of N, P, S, Cal, and Fe, also tried regular and high Mag.

@SlowOldGuy here it is.

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i hate to ask this, but…
is there any way you can connect me and the disgruntled grower.?

i have a few questions that may eventually solve our issue.!

PLEASE, i am desperate.!!
if it has to be private i have an email address and a business phone line , i could get it to you thru the ILGM customer service or something, whatever/however.!