NL Autoflower keep it going?

I have a Auto White Widow in hydro it is going into 11 weeks looking good and lush tips of sone leaves turning yellow checked the trichcomes they are all still clear a few though amber on the ball pistils still turning though should I keep it going
Thanks Whistler1

without seeing it, I’d let the trichomes cloud up a bit. At least a week. You will know when it is the best it can be. WW is a 12 week flower. Being a WW auto grower, 12 weeks is minimum. They sure look pretty under the glass at this stage, but let the trices cloud up and the pistils turn a pretty red. Let them get nice and fat. Ladies like to be full figured and pretty.
patience and have fun
(I don’t hydro)

Harvested yesterday 12 weeks in it was amazing

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