New grower with White Widow Auto flower

I have been growing White Widow auto flower since May 3rd. The plant is 34” tall and grown outside during the day and in a closet for the twelve hours of darkness. I am currently in my fourth week of flowering.

(upload://tVId11sxoASE6qoLubhV6QHQ1ZZ.jpeg) I have a jeweler’s loupe and have been looking at the Trichomes and I can’t tell if they are cloudy or clear. I’m guessing I’m only about half way through the flowering stage?


Hello and welcome to the forum!

Your buds are still full of white pistils. Unfortunately she’s going to be flowering for quite some time before being ready to harvest. The good news, your buds should fatten up quite a bit by the time they’re ready.

Wait unti you see the pistils turn colors and start receding back into calyx. Then you should start checking trichs.


Thanks so much!