Nitrogen or water, help

All my other girls are fine just this one.

Week 4 of flower, ffof soil, organic nutes.
Lol before you ask i dont have a ppm or ph meter yet it will be here tue, i do ph my water and its hard well water and always high ph so always lowering it.

Not sure what else to say just wtf lol any help is greatly appreciated.

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Without knowing your plants pH or ec values you’re guessing. Does look like lockout but just as easily you could be suffering from deficiency. The reason I say lockout is if your water is constantly above 7.5 then you will leave N behind. Has this just happened and if so think back to what changed that might’ve caused it. Bearing in mind that your plants don’t react immediately, a change just now will be reflected in a week maybe two weeks later. I have stuck a pH chart in as a guide. Good luck buddy
Desperately need your pH pen and an EC pen as well. What type have you ordered


Vivosun ph and tds meter, i do ph my water to around 6.5 but with die type ph solution.
What about foliar feeding until tue, meaning is there still lockout at the leafs?

Some of my other plants on same feeding and watering schedule.

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I think those last pictures look great. Not familiar with those meters. Test and calibration are key so that you know the information they give you is accurate. As for foliar feeding, I’ve never done it. Depending on what your meter tells you on tuesday a flush might be the solution :sunglasses: