Nitrogen deficiency? Input needed

does this look like a nitrogen deficiency? Yellow tinge, slight curled leaf edges.

It doesn’t look like nitrogen. Has the plant been misted? It looks as if water has collected on the edges of the leaves and creating issues.


It could be CO2 looks your plant isn’t getting enough oxygen

it wasn’t misted. However they were covered with a clear solo cup for three days after germination, and yes, there was water on the edge of the leaves.

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I expect it is the remnants of the water having collected on the edges. Watch for new growth to be healthy and I wouldn’t worry about the blemishes.

Side note: plants take in CO2 and expel oxygen, though the roots do need a small amount of oxygen. The only time oxygen becomes an issue is when the soil is chronically wet, making it difficult for the roots to extract oxygen from the soil.


I did the same process and noticed that it was starting to dis color so I took the damn bag off. However it did help the health of my plant I’m not sure how much CO2 my plants were retaining under that plastic bag. Sine I took it off my plants look back bright green. It could also be the strain I noticed that some strains leaves have different vibrant colors. Your plant still looks to be healthy and coming along just fine.


Gotta freshin that air a few times a day :slight_smile:


How do you suggest I keep the fresh? A humidifier?