Nice growin' ya! Purple Haze Auto

Here are my purple haze autos from seedsman seeds. These are my first paid-for-autos, the first plant I grew was a bagseed that turned out to be an autoflower, I dont like to include that grow :laughing: it was ugly and over a year ago. This is also my first experience with Seedsman. So far so good. They sprouted on August 21st and were officially in flower on October 6.

Second to last picture is after a pretty aggressive defoliation session.


Looking great!

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Looks good?


Very nice . I got few ladies of my own got a ghoust train haze two tangerine haze and one bubba kush


Welcome to the community! @Slickrick860


Nice. Looking good @Slickrick860, happy growing and welcome to the community!


Lookin good :+1: @BradsBudsMT

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Ugly needs love too.


@oldmarine I agree! I just meant the whole grow was ugly, the plant was beautiful but stunted and weak. I didnt know it was going to be an autoflower, hell I didn’t even know that autos existed then :laughing: was just growing a bagseed. Then get on here and apparently the odds of getting an auto from bagseed is like odds of winning the lottery. Lol had me thinking I should get a few tickets. But yeah I kept thinking I was doing something wrong cuz they flowered under 24 hours of light but after doing research the only explanation was that it was an auto. These ones were my first planned autos :laughing:

@oldmarine what ya got growin there sir?

It’s one of my White Widow revegs. I didn’t mess with it after it went into reveg.
I harvested her last week and she had some large colas.


Those are some beastie colas!

literally LOL’d at that, haha (was gonna be a smartaleck and ask how he got them to grow sideways like that? :smiley: )


Bahahahaha yes indeed i felt like i was at the fair in the crooked ass fun house