Next Up for Autos

Hi There,

I’m about 2wks away from wrapping up a Jack Herer auto run (My 1st ever grow.) and I’m hoping to hit the ground running. I started germinating a Gorilla Glue seed, but then thought it might be a good idea to get some feedback before I dive right in. I’ve been very blessed to have been on tje receiving end of a slew of seeds to help me get comfortable in the months (hopefully years) to come. The following is a list of my current autos:

Purple Juice
Wedding Glue
NL (From both Amsterdam and Spain if it makes a difference)
Jack Herer (Again)
Purple Punch
Godzilla Cookies
Blueberry Ghost OG

I have various numbers of each. Like I said, Ive been more than blessed. These will be passed on to someone in need (like I am) when I finally do. I know all of the breeders they come from as well, if anyone is interested. I’m a big nerd, so I think it’s fascinating.

I also have 1 photoperiod seed, which is Royal Medic.

Anyone ha e any advice for a second grow? She has to be patient and forgiving of me.

Thanks a Bunch Folks!



Hello! Congrats on your impending harvest.

Thats a great list, any if them woukd be a good choice. Autos arent exactly forgiving but I found them to be excellent teachers.

I have heard blueberry autos can be easy and prolific. Im just not sure if that transfers from breeder to breeder. You seem pretty confident in your breeders so yeah like I said, any. If its down to votes, Blueberry is mine.

It can make a difference. Years and years ago some of the best cannabis in the world came out of Amsterdam and spain. That being said, save those for after you have mastered the grow a little more. On the off chance they are something special, you will be far more skilled to grow them to their potential.

Would love to see your plants, a pic or link to your journal?


Blueberry’s can also be very finicky. ILGM had a batch that just was a PITA about 3 years ago.

I’d save the best (UltraViolet, NLs, Godzilla Cookies, and Blueberry Ghost) for more experienced days. The NL is definitely easy to grow, but You’ll love it and want to maximize your yield.

Maybe Gelato or Purple Punch?


Awesome. Thanks so much for the feedback!

NL + DJ Short are probably my favorite indicas and Jack Herer my favorite sativa. Really glad she (My Jack) has been coming along so well with really minimal effort on my part. I only provided minimal, super watered down and infrequent nutes. It has really only been PH balanced H2O and worm tea concentrate I’ve been providing. I got really lucky. I have, however, been talking to her every day. I think it has also had to do with having been able to take time and really pay attention to lighting, heat and RH. I’ve been out of work since March and in and out of the hospital, so I’ve had time to read a a hole lot before I started, but I’m here on the boards because I truly value the kindness and real time advice all of you guys have provided. Really glad I found this place. What a blessing and resource. Thanks again.




This has so many effects on your plant. Check this out.

Fresh unharvested cannabis can be up to 80% water, just like people are 85% water.

I’ve seen this before. Truly an eye opening look at the potential effects we can have on others…And out plants! It’s also a great way for me to communicate with another living thing. I don’t have many friends, and my wife shoulders the brunt of earning our income (she’s a saint) since I’m unable to at this point. Thanks for your share!