Newest pics of my girls

Im not sure how old these are now i think there in week two or three


Nice green healthy little laddies. I like the cover crop. Oh boy if these were in an outside garden the frogs would just love it.
Solid work!


Looking awesome :sunglasses: green and happy. :blush::v:

Looking green and healthy. Good job.

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The big plant has been fim six times already

Very Beautiful Girls :star_struck: :green_heart::raising_hand_woman:t2:

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Thank you

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Guys here are more new pics my girls are growing so fast

Its like there double in size since the last pics


Doesn’t even look like the same tent! Well done!

Mine just entered flower and are starting to get bushy as well

Yah its amazing how fast these are growing i have to do some defoliation on the big plant and maybe some lollipopping

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Same here! I just flipped to flower so day 21 she will get a big defol, I do pinch off odd ones here and there that are covering light or not exposed at all but day 21/42 will be the big hair cuts!

Your ladies look nice and happy!


Thanks thats a nice healthy lady cant wait to see how she turns out

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Hey all ive got new pics i just took them