I wk old plants what do you think


Looks good! Keep it up man.
These little girls are 11 days old from germination

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Looks good! This little lady’s 10 days old:


thanks wat nut r u using

Fox Farm, how about you?
No nutes yet though.

looks good how many u have going i have 5 going

6 seedlings, 6 clones, 1 big girl vegging, and 1 big girl 3 weeks into flower.

nectar for goods this is my first soil grow hbu

I have 5 as well! The 3 stragglers are all outside. The one I posted is 10 days, the others are all 24 days. Oh, and a Golden Leaf in some too dense soil that REALLY looks like a bonsai!

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she looks good :slight_smile: keep it up