Just wondering how she looks?

She’s had a set back due to over watering, transplanted and it recovered and grew a bit more, but it’s been 31 days since it popped up out of the soil, does she have a chance?


She’s a fighter if nothing else. I think she will be ok. Really small for her age as well. Soil looks wet but you have probably just watered her. Do you have drainage holes in that cup

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I’m a newb myself but 31 days old you’re gonna wanna see more then this. The veg stage is so important for the final result.

But let it do it’s thing. Maybe it’s just growing wild roots :+1: good luck my friend

Actually it’s 21 days lol

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Not too bad then but still small :heart_eyes:. Give her a chance and she will surprise you and good luck :sunglasses: