Newbie with no idea what to do now

Newbie here… my plants are approx 40 days old and I haven’t don’t anything except water them since they were planted. The one on the left is a Girl Scout cookie strain in FF Happy frog soil and the right is wedding cake in FF ocean forest soil. They are both in 5g fabric pots.

First question is, do I need to add nutrients? If so, what? There are so many options out there I feel like I’m spinning.

2nd, the wedding cake is trying to touch the light and I’m out of room in my tent unless I move the filter/fan to the outside. What should I do?

3rd, are the yellow leaves normal at this point? The only ones that have turned yellow don’t have any flowers on them.

Thanks in advance as I have no idea on what to do from this point on.


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You should find this helpful:

Your plant likely need fed.

Jacks 321 is a great fertilizer (nute) product.

Supercropping is effective.


Well, now you have decisions to make… depending on which way you go as far as nutes depends on how you treat your medium. You need to make a qiick decision because your girls are hungry.



I agree with @MidwestGuy in regards to the fertilizer. Jacks products are great and super easy. You would need to purchase Jacks Part A and Pat B. You’d also need to buy Epsom salt.

I have 3 containers that I put about an inch or two of water. I mix Par A, Part B and the Epsom salt separately. Once I’m sure they are mixed well, I pour them in. Part A first, stir… Epsom salt and stir. Then Part B and stir. Proper mixing order is important.

I advise you to search Jacks 321 on YouTube. Same with super cropping etc

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I figured out the cropping and gave it a shot so we’ll see how that works out.

I had worm castings on hand and spread a half cup around the base of each plant and watered them. I’ll look into getting the other stuff you’ve all mentioned. How often should I be feeding them?

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I grow in coco so the watering is different. But, those that grow in soil water completely till runoff then go through a dry cycle then water again.

Hoping some soil growers will chime in.

You also need a PH meter and a PPM pen. Neither are expensive. Search post and you’ll see what everyone uses. Don’t get a ph meter that sticks in the soil.

You need a way to collect the runoff (a tray). You do not want it sitting in the runoff.

A few more questions…
How do you water? Be specific. Type of water…Do you have a pH pen?. Do you currently have any nutes? As stated they are both hungry. The tall one you need to supercrop…also mentioned. Lights…type and current cycle. Do u use DLI for stage of plant? Lets start there. I too grow in foxfarms soils.

This just finished in 7.2g Ocean Forest.


@RadSkaterPunk welcome gromie you will be well looked after here
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If you topped dressed with worm castings, it will take about 1 to 2 weeks for those nutes to become avail. If you can, maake a tea out of your castings and in 24 hours those nutes will be immediately available to your plant.


Depends on how much they eat. Measured in your runoff. PPM as mentioned above.


Got the tea brewing now! Thanks for the tip.


Like I said, I’m a newbie so I bought a Vivosun kit because it seemed like the simplest route to go. So I’m running their “recipes” for the different autoflower stages. The only thing not Vivosun is the light. It’s a mars hydro ts1000 but running off the Vivosun recipe.

I have the yellow and blue meters so I’ll figure those out tomorrow when I have a minute.


How many are you trying to grow under the ts1000?

Just the two in the picture. They’re in a 2x2x4 tent but the top 8” or so are the fan/filter/light.

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Just an FYI. If you move to living soil, the soil is to remain moist - no wet dry cycles.

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I’ve given both plants approx 1/2 gallon of worm tea (2/3 water, 1/3 worm tea) twice two days apart.

The plant on there right seems to be real mad at me now. It’s all droopy and yellow. The moisture level is in the “moist” range of the meter. I did a slurry test and the ph came back 6.5 and the ppm came back 297.

The plant on the left seems to be doing better than the other in appearance but its levels are at 6.3 and 305.

I took the soil samples from about 1”-3” under the surface and if I did these tests right… my results are basically saying my ph level is a little high but ok and my ppm is extremely low.

What is my best route to get the ppm up without burning them or am I too late and destined to fail?

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@MidwestGuy @ChittyChittyBangin

I should also mention jacks 321 is on its way from Amazon.

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Never destined to fail. They wont respond immediately as far as looks. Give them a few day. The ph needs to be between 6.5 and 6.8


Thanks for all the tips everyone! Looks like we’re back on track!


Looking much better. Now just check your runoff PPM and feed when needed. Here’s the numbers I use when I used soil: 500-600 ppm after cloning, 800-900 ppm when vegetating, and 1000-1100 ppm when flowering.