Newbie with concerns

I am growing the Girl Scout Cookies plant outdoors. I put it in a pot and set it in my garden on June 25 in mid-Michigan. It sprouted really well, but never got bushy. It started to bud about 3 weeks ago but may have gotten heat stressed. We had a very hot august and we were gone quite a bit, so I could not move it and relied on rain when we weren’t home. I am hoping it hasn’t gone male on me, but don’t know how to tell.

It has not gone to male brother. That is a fat cola! Need to be very careful of bud rot now. She looks damn close to finish. Try to keep her dry as possible and check inside the bud to look for rot.

The first pic, right in the center is a dark brown spot. If you peel that back, might find some mold in there. Some bad shit to deal with if you get it.

So, would I be able to take a thin pair of scissors and cut it out without damaging anything? Or just cut it and harvest right now?

That’s always the tuff question. If it is in there good then I would say harvest. If you can get the bad spot out you may be able to buy a few more days. But you are not getting rid of it. If you do harvest, cut away the bad spots and throw it away. Don’t smoke it. I can really tell how close but your way further north then me and I’m getting close down here. Dont wait to long to pull the plug. That shit can ruin your stash quick.

Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it. It’s cold and rainy here today, I’ll probably cut the plant down tomorrow while the sun’s shining and hang it up in the basement.

I think that is the best thing to make sure you end up with something to enjoy! She looks like she will be just fine for you. Don’t rush the curing process. Makes a world of difference. Happy growing brother!

I got a couple girls getting close!


They look good. Do they stay in a greenhouse?
Hey, I forgot to mention, I am new at this, so everything I’ve been reading talks about the pistils and hairs and all of that. I have never seen any of that on this plant. Any idea why?

No I start them in there but gets way to hot in summer. But perfect to finish them off in the fall. That is strange. I looked at tour pics again and see what your saying. Might be the stain, but just a guess!