My GSC is not looking like a GSC on Google

I’m new in growing…
This is just about ready to cut and dry.
Is the color normal for the girl scout cookies buds. Or it could be the wrong seed?


man color can come from so many factors. temp, type of food, growing techniques and so on. I wouldnt worry if ur bud looks diffrent. they wont all look thr same.


@JeffsCookies i think it has rotten. Send it this way and i will trash it. Very nice job! :drooling_face:


Often seeds from the same mother will express different characteristics.
Just like kids all don’t look the same.
Probably just a different phenotype.


Welcome ! nice-looking bud enjoy your smoke.


Damn nice looking bud! Well done


Thank you for the reply everyone :relaxed:

I was told to stress out the plant at the end. So I was also told to added one time only ice cubes to the soil and no more water. Gave it 3 days darkness and then light cycle of 2 hours off it takes to fall asleep 1 hour on to wake up. 10° room temperature for a week. I guess not every GSC grower put their butts through hell before cutting. :grin:

This plant is getting cut in two days and if there is any other way to stress the plant out before cutting please share.

Thanks again everyone.


It has been a while since I have seen anyone mention stem drilling. No idea if it really does anything but it has to hurt.

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I’m also new to growing and growing a GSC but auto version.
It looks great to me man! I’m hoping I can produce something that looks half as good! Haha great job man and enjoy the smoke!

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Stem drilling sounds like a good idea. But on the safe side I will start low and go slow, so probably 5 days before harvest.

I wanted to try cutting the trunk half way and sliding in a piece of plastic so it doesn’t fuse back together and cutting up the root ball in half.

I’ll try it in my next harvest.

I truthfully do not now if any of those things work. I tried drilling once. Now I do 48 hours of dark after starving them for 10 days or so and call it good,

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