Newbie - Topping Autoflower - What Is a Node?

First time grower.

Do-si-dos “auto” in coco. I see differences of opinion on topping autos. My question is “what is a node”?

Is a node a set of leaves? If so, I believe I have 5 nodes plus a new one coming out the top.

If I were to top, would i snip off that last little growth at the top?

My plant seems tall and skinny compared to pics I’m seeing?

I have it inside my porch until the rain clears this morning. Been getting too much water. Will set it back outside shortly.

The nodes are the points at which stems or leaves extend from the main stalk.

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Thanks. So if I decide to top, I’d remove the small new growth that is sticking up?



Thanks. That was helpful.

I decided to leave my auto as is (not going to top) based on the very last paragraph regarding autos.

This is my first grow, single plant. I may try something different next season.

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This is what I see. Do you have a picture directly looking down over the plant? It looks like it is only putting out 3-lobed leaves rather than 5.

The bottom cotyledons don’t count as a lobe.
Usually I don’t count the next one either. I start counting nodes when the first set real leaves (usually 5 lobes) develop. In this case #1 may be in question.

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Thanks beardless

Yes, I only have 3 leaf sets. Was hoping the 5 leaf would come next?

Plant looks good. Since it is an auto I would top where the red line is. When you cut, cut about a 1/2" up the stem so there is a good stump showing. Good luck

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I need to correct earlier post. I should have said multi-lobed leaves i.e. 3 lobes rather than saying 5 lobes. Once it produces multi-lobed leaves start counting node.
Sorry for the misstatement

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Thanks. Your feedback was clear and informative. Thanks

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