Newbie question about foliar feeding

So do any indoor growers use foliar feeding while their plants are in flower? I know humidity and/or mold might be an issue, but while mine were in veg I religiously gave them a spray every evening (pH’d, no nutes), but I stopped for some reason once the flowers started to show.

I watered them right at lights out so there was no chance off (magnification burn" on the leaves from the water drops. They were dry by lights on.

Expert opinion?

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Foliar sprays during veg add to RH which plants love during most stages of life I actually have a very neat foliar spray comes in spray can but during flower leafs are more clustered and it gets harder to keep water from beading on plants. Also an evening mist can get into buds and if you have seen bud rot in action you would understand fast why the caution it is a fungi and can wipe out every plant young old within days if it goes un-noticed also can severely compromise a growing space. The spores are airborne and and like powdery mildew can come back to haunt you in future grows


As a long time gardener I guess I stopped instinctively then, good to know. I was just wondering if I was mistaken! Thanks!

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