Newbie back at it trying his best to make sure everything dies.... help

Ok… so everything has been going super well since my last couple posts and these plants are turning into monsters… two of the plants were getting super tall so I moved them closer to the light and dropped the smaller one down a ways hoping to get it to stretch a little… well two days ago I was training some of the side branches a little and heard a little snap and noticed it had broke away from the main stalk a little so I tied it up to the main stalk and everything seemed to be going smoothly today… wellllll then I go and try to train the two main cola branches on the other plant and basically snapped it 90% off… so I taped it back up into place… what are the odds of this branch surviving? Should I try to plant it on its own treat it like a cutting and clone it instead for best chances?? Someone please help lol

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Pretty good, if you dont break it clean off they tend to make it IME. You’ll know quick if she’s doomed she will wilt.

Supercropping is what’s up :wink:

Lol so how soon do you typically know? Will I know by tomorrow type thing? It was a pretty clean snap, 90% through and I think I got it taped back up pretty dang close to perfect as it can be… typically pretty good on a recovery rate?

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Like 100% kinda good IME when it doesn’t literally break off. And yeah it should be wilted and obviously not gonna make it by tomorrow if she’s doomed. I’ve never had one look okay for a couple days then wilt and die.

Ok good that gives me solid hope for the other plant too… it was literally like right at the stalk it cracked, but only like 10% through. Only enough to flex it and notice it was separated. Man… I’m getting way too paranoid with this, it’s like I’m forcing myself to do everything I can to kill these things on accident…

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Haha don’t sweat it. They are hard to kill at this stage.

They looking good and healthy. Stop snapping parts off :yum:

Overall, I think through the ups and downs these little guys are turning out pretty solid… can’t believe just a month ago they were seeds :rofl:

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They look like they are digging what your doing to em. You might want some more length on the limbs your trying to work.

Had that happen a while back, someone here suggested to dab a little bit of honey on the break, then tape her back. Had to retape again the next day, she healed up fine😉