Newbie: Are my posts incorrect some way?

I have been a member for a couple of weeks now, and have picked up some great information reading through the posts and numerous replies answering a good deal of my questions as a newbie grower.

I posted my grow progress with the pertinent ticket information, pics, and a few questions. Then I waited excitedly to get some wisdom from experienced growers. Then I posted a reply asking if anyone can help. Alas! Someone replied! With a question of light distance, which I eagerly answered. Then I waited excitedly for some insight…nothing. Hmm. Maybe a second post in a different topic area may work? And so I did, and added a link to my first post.

Hmm. Nothing. Still waiting. Is this forum worth it? Not sure if it is because I haven’t made an order, or I’m doing something incorrect.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Answers?
Is there anyone out there?


Should keep it all in same post. Ask direct questions.

Seems you may be using a moisture meter ? You mention sat which is ? A reading on a 2 prong garden meter ?

I’m a hydro grower but I’m willing to bet your ph is to low for soil and you shouldn’t be flushing weekly.

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Sorry to hear about your lack of responses , I normally try to reply to all new posts with few responses. I must have missed it, so i see a moisture meter comment. I hate those things I complained and got a full refund on those. , also have advised many who have drown there plants listening to one of those meters. How far along are you in your grow? Could you post the info again.

Thanks for your replies. I think maybe I was just too impatient. To both of your ?s…yes I’m using a moisture meter, thus the soil sat data. I haven’t given anything for 8 days, the soil really dried out, and the plants still look fine other than the twisting. My conclusion is the meter sucks, and I was overwatering.

I think I’ll make my reply to your questions on my original post, since the details are there…please check that post…

“First grow Purple Queen @ 60 days”

Thanks again!

You can also tag members using the @ sign ahead of their handle. If you posted in the wrong category it will simply get buried in all of the other posts.

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Thanks, I just figured that out! Duh

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No sweat; you’ll figure it out. Remember it’s run by a bunch of stoners so it can’t be too hard haha. Welcome and ask away.


Weedlover1 here I am a newbie too,sometimes have trouble with my posts and tagging people. Keep trying, we are here

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@Weedlover1 gotcha. Thanks, man.