On Multiple Threads - Just for Consideration

Just wanted to toss this out for all to keep in mind.
Membership has grown a lot even since I began in 2018. I have really good time putting in my 2 cents on questions from new growers. I am by no means an expert but I like the process of deducing a grow issue and finding the real solution.
What I am seeing a lot of are members who start a new topic every time they log in or have a new question. I have seen members who have been on for a short time with over 100 topics created. It means unless we all go back a reread those posts we ask the same questions all over again which I’m sure frustrates the new member. I know it would irritate me. Or we who want to help just shoot from the hip and give a canned answer because we don’t want to read 100 threads all over looking for what the setup is.
All I am suggesting here is if more of us could encourage new posters to stick with a single thread it would be so helpful. I know @Myfriendis410 has posted this thought a lot. Not suggesting to be mean or insist on it. But if more of us kindly helped people to do that I do believe we would be even better at helping new growers. It may help to keep from contradicting each other as the new person may get a different answer because he provided different info is a previous thread which is unknown in a new thread.
To be clear I don’t want to get out the Angry Mob supplies. If we can just cut down on the practice a bit it would clean up the feed some.


I agree 100% @Spiney_norman

I am not consistent, but I do sometimes suggest exactly what you are saying to folks that have multiple threads going on the same issue.

I am not on the boards consistently so I don’t catch the multiple threads as often as you.


Say it louder for the people in the back :rofl:

But no I agree. Would be a cool feature if less than 30 days active , you are limited to creating 1 topic


I have found that new people don’t know how to find their previous post so just start a new one. We cant stop it, but maybe those who stick around could do better.


All of us that have been around for a while could and should do better. I will do better. It will help all of us but especially the newer members that are looking for assistance.


The last thing I want though is to start a fire.
Keep it light and kind.

I would ask any Mod that if this gets out of hand to lock it up.


Again, totally agree. I always try to come across as kind and caring in my posts. I am certain that I don’t always accomplish that objective. I am not all that good at social interaction.


:+1::100: I haven’t had as much time to help recently, but in-addition we can also encourage beginners to start a journal.


Maybe show them how to bookmark it for later as well.


I like the idea. It does get cumbersome trying to track everything needed to help.

I’ll encourage it when I can.


Yeah, I deal with this a lot. We’ve got a couple of members here with over 100 topics going which is a pain in the ass. Those that are guilty of this know who they are. …


As someone on the newer side (but I don’t have 100 topics!) I have to say this site was the first forum I interacted with that works the way this one does.

Maybe a “guide to using the forum”? I also keep separate journals, but it IS confusing b/c we have a “grow journal” topic on the support forum side as well as what I call the “formal Journal”. I even have two different avatars - one for “here” and one for the Journal side.

Hopefully I explained this clearly, sorry if it’s muddled.


There once was a “Tutorial” new users could complete for a badge but it was removed and never replaced. This isn’t bad the way it is. But I will admit that there’s a handful of new users that I just ignore who do have scads (there’s and old expression) of topics.


That’s a good choice too, the people most affected by the multiple threads are the moderators, I would imagine.


Got my vote :love_you_gesture:


I still have my initial thread when I joined a little while back. It’s soooo much easier to keep it all in one place. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading and learning on the forum, but when it comes to my personal reference material/ questions I’ve asked I prefer a one stop shop.

I’m guessing that some newer members aren’t using the search function. That’s the first place I go to, then if I need someone to break down the information further, I’ll post my question.


It has a lot of good effects keeping a single thread. I think it helps people get to know you better. I like taking a thread and reading the whole story with my morning coffee. You get a sense of the grower as a person. Those who start a new topic every day, or twice as day as I have seen begin to seem flakey and I see their posts ignored. And I think the search feature is under used as well. I do point it out to new users quite often.


Totally agree, unfortunately I doubt these folks will ever find this thread either.

What would also be nice is if there was a button or something to auto generate the support ticket. We’re really just spitballing without that info. So many problems can look so similar, it can be easy to give the wrong advice if you don’t know where they’re starting from. We all tend to see things through the prism of our own grows, it’s natural to think that way.

I do enjoy answering the questions too, it’s kinda like Jeopardy! but for weed. :nerd_face:


Great thoughts @CurrDogg420
On the support ticket I can never find it. I know its pinned and I see it on the forum top of the page BEFORE I log in, but after I log in its no longer in the thread list. SO I do a search and find one in a thread somewhere. Someone suggested limiting new members to a single thread or maybe just a few for a short time… which would train them to post in a single place for a while.
But TBH I know its never really going to change. But I gave it a shot.


It’s pinned to the top of “Latest”.