New video DR Bugbee Myth buster

Dr Bugbee breaking Bro science myth’s love this guy when he speaks even a old stoner like me can understand Busting Cannabis Grow Myths With Prof. Bruce Bugbee - YouTube


Definitely gonna check this out i love that guy. Between him and mr canucks they were my very first early mentors before coming here. Thanks for the link!


Great video. Has anyone taken his course thru Utah University? He says there are about 70 classes, each 40 minutes.

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Is he the gold standard, final say on growing techniques?

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Good share

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Confirmation… flushing does nothing. Dark period is more harmful than good. Organics do not produce more flavorful bud.

These were relatively large debates, awesome.


Take aways
Don’t over fertilize
no need to flush
pruning and proper defoliation improves quality and consistency. Eliminate larf.
lights on till harvest

easy peazy

Thanks @dirtydave. I eventually try to catch most of Bruce’s vids.


His word ain’t God either. Just saying!

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Nice to get confirmation on some of the procedures/processes involved.


I just did an anti bro science grow with gg4. No dark period and no flush this time. Buds not cured all the way but I see no discernable difference between the zkittles I flushed and left in the dark for two days and the gg4. If anything the gg4 is a bit smoother. All anecdotal of course but Dr. Bugbee confirmed my thoughts in this video.