New to ILGM and my own strain

But not to cannabis … My question is … I have a strain that I am growing and would like help with it. First is Amnesia Haze auto femmed, second is Afghan Kush. I pollinated my Amnesia Haze with the male Afhgan and am in the 50 day from seed sprout, been flowering and was wandering what this strain would be like in the end?

Pollination doesnt change the mother’s genetics. It takes her focus on buds
And applies it to making seeds. So the smoke maynot be as potent as it could have been. But the genetics will be crossed in your seeds future growth.

Sounds like a lovely mix btw


Thanks for the insight , I had a last minute decision to pollinate or not and well seeds rained down lol. So it comes down to the female side with genetics right? And where I got the male side from they are growing the same seeds. I guess my next question would be, How to continue this strain? I have read about creating ‘your own’ femmed seeds, but not sure about the process involved.

EDIT: I re-read your reply, and after seeds dropped I planted them and they are the ones I am referring to in the grow now , I only got a small amount from her for smoke but hey, it was a sacrifice.

Lmao! I definitely understand that. Load of smoke or… endless loads of smoke. Easy choice right?

This best way ive seen to breed your own STABLE strains is fairly simple but a long process. Its starts with a good mother n father. (Which youve done) now you have loads of seeds. You should have grown out 10-20. To find you ‘best genetics’ usually the fastest healthiest grower. Any runtd or diseased seedling should be culld. After u have 5-6 possible mothers CLONE THEM! A couple of each in case they died. Label EVERYTHING PROPERLY (mother #1, 2, etc) then grow them to harvest. Whichever produced the best smoke needs to have her clones reseeded at the appropriate time. Go by your personal taste:
Rate of growth
Should all be determining factors. Usually the 1st gen (F1) wont show ALL qualities let alone consistency of qualities. So be sure to label n chart your growing genetics. Also I recommend when u cross for the second time. You use PURE genetics. Maybe another afghan kush male. Maybe the mother’s genetics just from a father this time. Over time (3-5 harvests) you should see fairly stabilized qualities. And if not stable still bomb ass non mutantified bud.

Also i am NOT a breeder. That process is info i was weend and just straightlined to parrot to you. Take with a grain of salt. But that is the basics


If your are serious about it google the topic. The pungent square explanation is very simplified and explains how certain traits are passd down and approximate percentages of offspring u can expect with certain qualities


Yes Sir, That is whay I am talking about. He is happy and so am I so we where talking “keep it going” and the process as he grew in CA and stoped and I an in a hole lol so there is a interest in this as for that reason and yes all you mentioned is the end result of a good strain/genetic breed. I feel we can make it work to our benifit with the right knowledge like you stated - in all directions - . We have 4 females, 2 on me and 2 on him and we are documenting everything so far. Looks good for now just wanted to get that bit of helpfull info on to make it better. We both are still less 50 days from harvest to say. Thanks for the follow up PurpNGold74!

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Anytime. If you have photos and wouldnt mind keeping a mini journal on here i would LOVE to watch ur process. Always i can not emphasize this enough. STERILIZE STERILIZE STERILIZE. Pollen (and nature in general) have a way of… propagating. A couple spores can cross contaminate and ruin ur entire experiment. Please keep everything clean as a lab. And again. Good luck

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You got it right though :+1:t3:


Just got the new light this morning … a MAXSISUN 450 watt and my so called helper 5000k led (as seen in the background)


54 days old …

Well, here is a almost 4 day difference from installing new light.


Those buds are starting to puff up a bit! Keep growing baby. Keep going

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Beautiful pictures.

Well I’m using Fox farm ocean soil as my soil, what is a good fertilizer to use.

Organic on the soil. And this site is not fone friendly… LOL

Thanks @GHOST2 but do uk any good fertilizer to go with the fox farm organic soil?

No hard nutes so far. I look at my plants all through the day, they tell me what U need to give them. Not what U think they need.

EDIT: Sorry for the shortness but yes I have docd this grow. And I used NFTG .

Organic soil … no ferts for 1 week… FF is good I read but I have not used that product

Yup. FF is usually solid thru the veg stage but as u have begun to flower. Look into Bloom nutes for AN (Advanced Nutrients) or GH (General Hydroponics). Both come highly recommended (although i have no experience with them myself)

Also hear great things about NFTG (Next for the Gods) but also that it is expensive.

If trying to go mostly organic n keep it simple Alaska Fish Ferts makes a MoreBloom bottle. Just heard of it today. But i used them for veg and my girls seem to love it.

Well her is a quick snap of the single cola with new light at 8 days. Total time 60 days from soil break about 30 days to go

Almost time

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