Autoflower fem?


Are the autos also feminized?

yes, all our aut’s are feminized.

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Thanks for the info Claire. What happened to your Avatar? What is it? LOL

My poor blind friend, lol. Apparently it is her with a thick cloud of smoke obscuring her face.

Thanks for the reply.

You guys should really consider doing “specials” with the autoflower seeds as well. It’s basically the only thing stopping me from ordering from the shop here. I can get free Autoflower seeds from other venders with my orders which makes a big difference.

Just something to consider for more business from people like me! ^^

I am sure the business end will look at this. Thanks for being Candid. :slight_smile:

My amnesia haze seems to have slowed down considerably since I put it into flower anything I can do to help it along

I’m confused, is this an auotflower amnesia haze? If so, it should stay on 24 hours of light all the time, pretty much. If it is a regular amnesia haze, then it will slow its growth when you put it in the 12 hours of uninterpreted darkness daily schedule to induce flowering, all strains will for a bit, while they switch to creating the buds instead of vegetative growth.