New pistal growth in late flowering stage?

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I have a Girl Scout Cookie Auto–now in the 8th week of flowering–I noticed I have a some new pistals sprouting from some of the buds. Not sure what this means–its been warm and my tent did hit 86 degrees–then the weather really cooled down and it got down to 66 degrees in the tent–

Any thoughts?


Likely some minor fox-tailing (new bud growth on old). Is your light maxed out? If so back it off a little.


I have noticed that some strains will push a few white hairs right up to the end. Happy Birthday @Newt


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It’s minor foxtailing and I’m willing to bet a common genetic trait. My 2 GSCE autos started foxtailing. And there are more than plenty topics on the forum of GSCE foxtailing, or producing a seed or two. Good bud when dried and cured for sure, but I think the GSCE genetics might be a teeny bit unstable. Both were ready to harvest in under 8 weeks.

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Your plant will continuously produce new buds during flower. It’s trying to reproduce all they way up until harvest. Sometimes, in the last stages, a plant will go loco and pile the new flowers on top of each other (foxtails). I never go by pistils. Trichomes are the only way to judge. Sure you can say, “Wait until 80% of the pistils are brown” or something, but no way that’s a true indicator for everyone.

You should start checking trichomes about week 7 of flower. Your looking for a majority cloudy trichomes on the buds (not the sugar leaves). In a perfect grow, you should be looking at about 92% of max potency at this point in a grow.

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