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I see a lot of issues on the boards here with over/under feeding problems, blight, and insects. My father and I have been working with plants for decades and know how to fix these issues. We have also developed a new nutrient program for the commercial cannabis industry in the last year. We are working on a new smaller program so that you the public can order our products for your home grows in more manageable amounts. I’m new to this forum so I appreciate any input or questions you may have for me in regards to problems with your plants. We know how to fix it all, seriously. Our new website that will be launching this next month will have many products that you can order for your grows. It’s also completely natural so there’s no toxicity in or on your plants ever, nor do you need a flush afterwards. Because of this we anticipate around 1\2 more grow per year. Plus no pH testing will be necessary unless you just want to just monitor how great the pH is doing throughout the growth process for fun. Its truly amazing. Stay tuned.

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im not sure this conforms to community guidelines, but you didnt post a link, so im not sure. Tagged a few mods over to correct me if im wrong!
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Definitely dont want to break rules. I read about a few plant issues in the
posts that we can easily fix for growers. Its not an easy subject to talk
about as you can imagine. If i said too much i apologize. How do you
recommend giving advice for the issues mentionef or is that prohibited?


no worries! I may even be speaking out of turn. There are only certain links you can post. You cn post amazon links but you cant post bay of E links. You didnt post a link so you may not actually be violating! Anysways, welcome to the forum!

Thank you so much I appreciate it. we’re just really excited about seeing the Cannabis industry get as big as it is in the awareness growing. My wife has benefited greatly from medical cannabis with her health issues so I’m pretty happy to be included in the process of helping cannabis and marijuana plants grow better with no chemicals for people like my wifewho use it.


The fact that your here trying to sell products will probably be an issue… I would suggest getting in touch with ilgm and see if you can’t both benefit from what you are proposing… :wink:
Good luck my friend… :wink:

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i hope you are able to tell us about your nutes! There are a few growers here who use auto plants to conduct side by side comparisons for nute lines!

Can anyone point me to right people on the forum
to tell them about our products? So i dont break any rules?

Thank you @peachfuzz @VelcroThumb

That would be awesome @VelcroThumb

@latewood @Hogmaster @Donaldj should be able to help you out.

Edit… @garrigan62 too.

I will tag some mods for you…
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@garrigan62 Just out of curiosity if it’s not a big deal that you share, what’s protocol here? Like is he/she capable of donating to the site as like an advertiser or something?

On one side, coming and saying “hey I developed this product” isn’t much different than saying “hey check out this cool light I built”. Obviously, I’m not profiting any from any light I’ve built or helped any of the other members build. I’m also completely transparent with any sources I provide, have absolutely no affiliation with any of them, and not discriminatory towards who I’ll help.

On the other side, I know how these things can get. I believe you guys have done an awesome job of keeping this group free from the typical bs. I have a sneaky suspicion that the product name is same as this particular users screen name. Which is already flirting with advertising in my opinion. But I’ll leave that stuff up to you guys.

What I was more or less wondering is that if someone was willing to kick you guys some cash to help with running the forum, is that something you guys get together on and consider?


I am sorry but, you cannot advertise or promote your products here at iLGM unless you want to buy premium advertising space. We sell our own nutrients, and therefore any soliciting of our members will lead to account suspension.

We frown upon solicitation of our membership, especially by a new member whose sole purpose is the peddle their products. Probably best if you move on to another community. Thank You. Good Luck.

lw - ILGM Administrator.

Thanks for your opinion. We will handle the business end if that is OK.

Absolutely, I was more or less just asking if buying advertising space was an option or not. Which you seemingly answered in your previous response. Thanks!