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Gday growers, I just wanted to share my first indoor grow.
Jack herer photo. It’s in week 8 of flower after a 6 week veg. 1.2x1.2 tent, 2000w mars hydro led,60 litre pot, dutch fest nutes, cal mag and a dash of seasol to help with temps, my tent is in a tin shed in australia. Nothing much phases her in less than ideal conditions.
Net is for bud support.


Looks great mate you done a good job for ur first grow

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Thanks @Aussie_autos appreciate it.

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No worries anytime

WOW! Those girls are gonna fatten up so nice!! Awesome work!!

I hope you got a big ole bale of twine to hold them buds up to the sky because they’re gonna get heavy!

Nice job again man!!

Cheers @Tylersays! I’ve got some twine ready to go ,the last week they have packed on mass. Pistils changing color and a few cloudy trichs. I foaming at the mouth for harvest day :call_me_hand:


How long since the flip?
Looks like you might have a few weeks left.

Been reading about Jack for 30 years. I’ve never tried any though

@Tylersays almost 9 weeks since the flip, yeah im expecting atleast 2 weeks. @Lewy2239 this particular genetics has been passed around my local area for a few years now, everyone has a turn at mothering one for a while.

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Good stuff?? I’ve got the Super Skunk and Gorilla Glue :gorilla: finishing up now.

Very good smoke!
Awesome mate, how did the gg go? I have a few seeds I’m going to sprout next time round if you have any tips I’d love to hear them.