New LED, R-Spec question

Looking at getting a new light. Currently looking at this one as I think it will be enough for my 2 plants, Horticulture Lighting Group 260 Watt Quantum Board LED Kit V2 R-Spec. My question is, is the R-Spec good for veg and flowering stage or should I go with the 3000k. I know it says enhanced flowering but want to make sure it will still be good for veg stage. Thanks!

I was wondering the same.

@dbrn32, got any insight? Hope you are not too crusty after celebrating!


You can veg with them too. It’s just not the “ideal” veg light.


Thanks everyone! So in other words, this would make for some nice buds!

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I just ordered that light and i can say its great ! And i can def tell a difference already with just 2 days of use it seems like my buds are speeding up . Could just be me but im damn near willing to bet on it that its this new kick ass 3500k r-spec 320 xl qb from hlg.


You can grow a plant on anything. I think almost 100% focus should be on flowering and what will improve it.
Nice lights


Im getting one…