New indoor set up info needed

New small indoor set up. Two 5 gallon buckets with lots of holes drilled on sides and bottom. Soil is Happy Frog. Putting 1 seedling in each 5 gallon bucket. 186 actual watts on LED fixture with both veg and flowering switches. No grow tent. Room is constant 68-70 degrees with 48-52% relative humidity. Fan for air circulation. Seeds are feminized Bubble Gum which is a smaller plant. Can I get a decent bud production from this set up? Also, watering with distilled water. Bought my notes from ILGM. please let me know your thoughts.


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The only issue I see is lighting, which is absolutely critical for a good yield. The light you have should be able to flower 1 plant.

It would be better to use fabric pots rather than hard sided buckets.


Good info to know. I’ll add another lighting fixture as well. Are you referring to pot in a pot type thing? I’m assuming so. Thanks for your quick response. Seeds are germinating right now.

@MidwestGuy is correct. If you up you lighting I recommend HLG 350R
Fabric 3 gal pots great for solo cup germinated seedlings (first transplant).
Successful candidates can get bigger homes.


Fabric bags are inexpensive and are available on Amazon or in hydro shops. P4P and fabric bags are not the same.

I would suggest finding a light built with Samsung LM301 LEDs. Any light with veg and bloom switches are very old technology. I run a minimum of 200 watts of high quality lighting for each plant I grow. The problem with the light you have is the LEDs are very inefficient and a good portion of the wattage goes toward generating heat rather than light. Avoid any light that puts out purple colored light.

@DEEPDIVERDAVE just made a great recommendation for a good light for 2 plants. HLG’s products are the best in the business.


I am also new to growing not too sure how to create my own post but just wondering i got a 48x24x60 tent and im unsure of how many seedlings it could house? i dont want my girls croweded, ill be starting with super skunk and sour diesel, and also is it ok to go two different strains, in the same tent?


Two plants max in a 48x24 tent.

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Definitely ok for 2 strains. What other equipment do you have?

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I second the hlg 350r. Easily do two plants. It’s what I use. Fabric pots work great, but this grow I’m trying a Rain Science pot (look them up). I have a buddy that uses them with outstanding results. They’re very durable, and clean easily for multiple reuses. I’m just doing one plant, but trying for a monster yield. The 350r is a beast for one or two plants. This one is day 36, in the rain science pot. You can see the breath ability of them.

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My HLG350R operates at less than 50% output (175watts), very cool operating temp.
LUX 50,000

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Feminized Bubble gum - can refer to either photoperiod or auoflowering. If photoperiod and not using a tent you will need to be certain you can provide enough dark hours for it to flower. If an auto - not an issue.


If money is an issue for lighting an excellent budget light for a 2x4 is the Spider Farmer sf2000.

Thanks everyone! I appreciate the input.