New Grower Northern Cali Greenhouse, yes or no?

Need a little advice. First time ever as a grower. Live in Northern Cali. I have a chance to get a greenhouse, inside is wrapped with foil insulation. Totally dark or can be, double entrance to hold light in 10’ x 10’ x 8’ tall. DonT have an unlimited budget but have a good chunk to pick apart. Family of 4 so we can raise 4 plants each ( all adults) is this a good way to go?
Strain; Seed feminsized white widow has been suggested or super skunk
Soil In Pots

System Type? Don’t know

City water or what is need

What Is Strength Of Nutrient Mix? Ec, Or Tds
Outdoor greenhouse
Light System, Size? 640 watts Cfl sprouting and veg state,
600 watt hps with hood and reflector for flowering per 2 plants 3’ x 3’ area

Live in Orville CA 95965
Temps;winter Day 45 Night 35
Summer day 80-100+ night 60

Humidity;winter Day 60+ Night 50+
Summer day 20% night 30%

Ventilation System; Yes, 6" 400cfm per 2 plants?

Ac, Humidifier, De-humidifier, if needed but is available

Co2; NA don’t know
I have the Grow Bible and access to the guides. I am 62 and work construction really want to do this heading into retiring and love to grow
The more I read the more confused I am getting! HELP!

Add Anything Else You Feel Would Help Us Give You A Most Informed Answer. Feel Free To Elaborate, But Short, To The

Questions And Facts Will Help Us Help You 


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I used to live in the Bay Area, and that area is perfect for a greenhouse! Not too hot in summer, mild winters, you could probably go March to November and never have to worry about freezing (assuming your greenhouse is outside and not heated?). That would allow 2-3 regular grows per season or one huge, super-cropped grow. Now is a good time to get started too, if you get some seedlings going by Feb, you could veg them a week or two inside, then hit the greenhouse by March.

If you’ve got that much space and plenty of lighting, and can raise 16, I’d suggest getting some variety. White Widow and Super Skunk are both good starter plants, I’d also recommend getting some autoflowers, they are excellent starter plants.

Something else to consider, especially with autoflowers, since your whole house is hip to the grow, if you don’t have to hide the plants, you could always set some plants up by windows inside and just supplement their sunlight with a 24W LED or 42W CFL. I’m looking forward to doing that when I get back to the coast, now that it’s legal everywhere!


Also, don’t be confused, it really is a lot easier as long as you keep it simple and follow the basics and DO NOT try to get too fancy on the first grow! Keep it simple. Here are some of my biggest mistakes that you should AVOID:

• Soil – Right up front, for the first grow, I’d recommend just buying Fox Farms soul and nutrients and following their feeding schedule. It eliminates all guesswork and 99% of your soil/nutrient problems. For soil, get FF Ocean Forest, and if you want to conserve soil/money, cut it in a 1:1 mix with perlite (but not necessary). If you do decide to go generic, I’ve had success with just plain old store bought topsoil and perlite in a 1:1 mix, or just regular potting soil in a 1:1 mix (definitely need perlite if it’s NOT FF!).

• Pots – At least 3-gallon grow bags (what I use), or 5-gallon buckets with plenty of drainage holes in the bottom. Be sure and leave 1-2" between the top of the pot and the top of the soil, I filled one too full once and it spilled over every time I watered it.

• Nutrients – Fox Farms has a trio with a feeding schedule that makes nutes super easy! You just need the “Big 3” though, they sell all sorts of additional supplements and nutrients, but that’s for more advanced stuff, and I don’t think most people mess with those much. Or if you are getting your own brand of fertilizer, NO NUTES for the first 2 weeks, then phase in (start at half recommended strength) the “N” fertilizer (heavy nitrogen, big number in the “N” part of the “N-P-K”) for the vegetative period, take a week’s break when you switch to the flower/bloom period, then switch over to phasing in the “P” fertilizer (heavy phosphorous, big number in the “P” part of the “N-P-K”). FEED ONLY ONCE A WEEK!! And just water in between feedings as necessary (don’t overwater, twice a week is plenty, and don’t drown them!).

• Lights – Whatever you use (besides sunlight), watch the height very carefully, especially early on when the plant can grow 1-2" overnight! I always add an inch, I use LEDs, 18" is recommended distance from plants, I go 19-20". This is to avoid light burn.

Watch the tips of the leaves, if you’re using too much fertilizer, they’ll be the first parts to turn brown with nutrient burn. Make small adjustments when you see a problem and allow 3-5 for signs of any changes you make (you can’t fix nutrient burn overnight, but it doesn’t have to kill your grow if you treat it).

I’m sure there’s a lot Im leaving out, but those are the big ones, soil, nutes, and light. If you get some ILGM White Widow autos and follow that basic setup, I’m sure you’ll have a fine supply of Kind in about 3-4 months!

Oh yeah, last big tip. Do NOT try and smoke your weed early!! I know, it’s EXTREMELY tempting to want to cut-and-smoke, but weed is like wine, it needs to “ferment” (cure) to get all the THC fully matured. It takes at LEAST 10-14 days of drying curing before you get to full potency. I’ve read a 30-day cure is best for max potency.



Thanks for the info. I have found where to buy the FF, actually several local places. The “Big 3” could you offer a little better description or maybe a link to the product? I do appreciate the time and info you have offered!

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@kushpa is referring to the fox farm liquid trio
Tiger bloom, grow big and big bloom
Base trio Amazon has 3 pack 16oz bottles for 35.53 with free shipping for prime members

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Thanks Appreciate the response and description! This is an awesome place!

No problem I try to help when I can
Yeah lots of info on this forum and helpful peeps
Good luck
If you run into problems just post a support ticket with as much info that you can
And see what happens next lol
Happy growing

If you haven’t ordered yet, here’s an easy-peasy one-step solution:

If you’re going with a greenhouse, you WILL have to worry about bugs and disease more than a sealed grow tent inside! This package includes 20 White Widow autos, all your nutrients, plus chems to kills bugs and fungus. And planting 10 at a time, you could easily get two grows of autos (so you get two quick returns) in one half of the greenhouse and fill the rest with regular photoperiod plants to veg and bloom with the sun for a big fall harvest.

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Must be the one to do was just looking at this kit. I really appreciate the help. Found a supplier for the soil down by the Bay. Same with the nutrients 3 pack. To get started I am heading the easier way, I can experiment and set up a rolling harvest as you suggested. Again thanks for the help!

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I’m in the process of setting up all of my stuff as well if there’s anything you have a question about or anything I could help you with I will be more than happy to do what I can do to help hog

Thank! I will keep that in mind. Quick question and I think important. How much space do I allow for each plant, like in square feet? I see so much light per square meter and other but really nothing on plant spacing or required room needed per plant. This is knew to me but been growing other stuff all my life and spacing, room required has always been important. Thanks in advance!

Figure about 1-2 square feet per plant. I’ve got an 8 square foot tent and it’s currently got 8 plants and is about full, I could maybe squeeze another 2 in. Depends on growing style, too, if you do LST or super cropping, you could easily double the space requirement.

Finally getting ready made some changes still in a indoor grow. Seeds are here and have them soaking in water, looks like all sprouted. Have cfl ready but have a question on wattage. I have brooder lights with 2-23 watt cfls 100 watt equivilent daylight. Which wattage is used the 23 or the 100?

I use the hundred or use two of them one per planT

Sorry for the confusion I think the true watts are 23. They are the same as 100 watt old style bulbs but they are daylight spectrum. Here is a link to the bulb I can get 4 of these into each reflector to cover 4 1/2 square feet. I have 3 reflectors

So exactly how many plants do you have going

Will have 20

Because I use hundred watt 17,000 lm for one in a solo cup for the first few weeks you’re going to need a lot of Them depending on how many plant you have you might be better off buying an LED off Amazon

Wow ok that’s going to be a lot is that what you plan on using for your entire grow and with those lightbulbs I don’t think it’s going to be enough

Once they get up a bit switching to the leds132 true watts