New Grower like know if my seedling is doing good?

Hey Fellow growers I am just starting out and am waiting for my tent and light I’m just going be growing 2 plants for my medical pain problems as I rather use marijuana as I have instead of disgusting opiates so I place a pic if you fellow master growers can tell me thanks


Looks great so far! Not quite ready for harvest LMAO.


Thanks Friend.

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Looks great!! Here’s to a monster crop :beers::beers:.

Thanks bro!

Lookin good. Best of luck

Look around here a little, there is a questionnaire form that if you fill out will give us “experts” har har…a better idea of what is going on.
That way we can give you more betterer answers.

Seedling baby in pic looks good. What is that black stuff it’s sitting in?
Is that what you will be growing in? Fertilized or not?

btw…planting more than you need will allow you to cull weak or male plants …and keep the best Ladies.

Why just 2?


Soil bought at a garden store 5$ bags not sure if fertilized that’s another question I have should I use a certain soil and what kind nutes would be good I just want do a super small grow 2 plants Max and I’m going to set up a tent with a 600 watt led grow light right now seedlings outside in sun

Would this light work for a 4x4 tent

I hear you there tan with why only 2 do hoe many do you suggest??

Uh oh… lighting question. Red pill or the blue one?

And @tanlover442 was just saying if you grow 4 plants for 4 weeks you can pivk the strongest 2 to keep and cull (kill) the rest

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Take both. Great trip… Lol

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I got this recently and I absolutely love this light. It is accompanied by a mars 600w.

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Your first post stated…I’m just going be growing 2 plants.

SUGGEST: you find the questionnaire and fill it out. It will save a million back n forth questions.


My Girl Today with pics of bud off same plant from my buddy’s grow

Would your 600 watt grow 2-3 plants through veg and flower because I only got like 150$ play with on a light ?

The bestva bro?? Would be good for 3x3 tent veg/bloom 2-3 plants?@boardsbird

I run 2 600w elites in a 3x3 tent " I need light into the corners so when I move plant into the 4x4 tent to flower, it will dbl in size and fill the 4x4 all the way to the corners

@boardsbird I only got 150$ and got two plants going now I need a light that will veg/flower complete from seed to harvest for 2 max 3 plants my seedling under a t4 right now cuz no sun outside for almost 3 days going b shitty will that do till my lights come or it gets nice outside ?

The 1500w was $119 and that should cover a 3x3 tent

This is one White Widow Autoflower in a 4x4 tent , I love to plant seeds, don’t be like me and have to many plants for the room you have