New Grower Kinda underprepared

Hello, so about a week and a half ago I found a bag seed I great start to a new story. The strain Sherbacio.
I have a hydroponics setup but it will not last for long as it is an AeroGarden with only a 12 inch light above it. I know it will have to be moved out of this within a few weeks as plants get much bigger than that. I have seen successful grows on youtube with a bigger 24-inch version so I know this grow is possible.
I’m new to this and it’s more about learning right now than huge grows.
Im using Rockwool and the nutrients that came with it along with some Maxigrow. I need to buy Maxibloom but I’m kinda broke right now. The nutrients are 4-3-6 and 10-5-14 but I only use a small amount of the 10-5-14.
When i put my seed in the Rockwool I messed up with how i made the hole so the plant looks short but is just deep in the Rockwool
I have a 25w Grow light for when I have to transfer into a five-gallon bucket with a netty pot.
My main question is what my PPM should be around with one plant and how often I should give nutrients
I have an airstone in the setup to minimize the chances of root rot.
I will attach pictures on my phone soon.


Around 200-300 ppms to start. Ph at 5.8.
Welcome to the forum!

What if my water sits at around 200ppm out of the tap should i add 200-300 to that? or just 200-300ppm Should I not be using tap water to grow?

Also how would i go about lowering PPM

@Bighead500 welcome to the forum. Filtering will bring down the TDS of your water. I use a RO setup to filter to 6-9ppm. Bottled water from the store is good. I would only add nutes till your at 300ppm which is still just fine at this stage they don’t need much.

To lower ppm in a hydro setup just remove some water that is in it and add clean water to replace what you have removed.
If using municipal water be sure to let it sit for 24hrs after getting it from the tap. Simply fill an extra pail and leave pail sit for 24hrs. This let’s the chlorine dissipate.

Best of luck and happy growing !!

If you are trying to lower ppm of water strait from the tap you would have to get an RO system. Reverse osmosis

Thank you everybody I didn’t know I couldn’t use just regular tap water lol rookie mistake. I will change out my water with Most likely bottled water I have a Brita filter but I don’t think that does the job and bottled water will be easier for this small grow. My PPM was close to 700 and that could have led to something bad.

Ok, so I added about one and a half bottles of 64ppm water bottles since I was limited on time. PPm is around 470 I need to change the whole tank but didn’t want anything bad to happen overnight. Everything looks good and in the morning I will find more bottles or go to the store and buy some distilled water. Again thank you everybody for the help. If anybody has some beginner Hydro tips that you think could be helpful they would be appreciated.

I do not know hardly anything About your circumstances but I do know that 25w Light will not get you far. I’ll tag a hydro grower that may be able to assist @repins12


I agree with @Ocean you are going to need more light soon. I use an aerogarden to start my seedlings as well and had good results with the maxi grow. I’ll tag you into my journal @Bighead500 :v:


@repins12 Im not really looking for a beautiful yield do you think i could use like 2 lights at a time or figure out how to use the areogarden light along with the 25w led.
Im pretty broke right now and really don’t have the 100-200 to spend on a quality light. I will send pictures soon.
After my first harvest, I will most likely spend close to 300$ on a light, grow tent, and air filter.
I also bought and added around 1 gallon of 2ppm water that i put nutrients in and ph to 5.8 Water is now 275 ppm much better than the 669 from before lol. (just a note that the water was RO.) will send pictures on my phone in a minute.

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Looking healthy in my opinion😊

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Ok so just a quick update on a what has been going on. No problems so far looking great still. Ph goes up because of my airstone so I have to add oh down sometimes when my ph hits 6.2 or above I try to stay at 5.6-6.2 but I ph my water to 5.8. If anybody has some tips on anything I should be doing please send them. I got a fan up and my light setup for when I transfer to my 5 gallon.

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I’ve started in an aerogarden before.
I just used the aerogarden fertilizer with no air stone.
When it got about 3 inches tall I transplanted.


@Hydro921 yes I have. 5 gallon bucket ready for when I know if it is male or female. I’ve read it takes 3-6 weeks for pistils so I hope I can tell soon next Tuesday is week 2 since planted.

Hello so yesterday I noticed this brown spot on my plant. I think it might be from ph down lol but not sure anybody have a clue?

Quick update I have moved the plant to a 5 gallon bucket. Looking great until yesterday when I was checking roots and they were more brown than I would like. To prevent root rot I painted the 5 gallon bucket. I should have taken plant out but I was lazy and just painted it while plant was in. Looking great still but one leaf has brown spots again. I don’t know what it is but could anybody help me figure it out.
Ppm is 320
Ph is 5.6 right now but I just lowered it from 6.4 and I have my air stone cranked so my ph keeps going up.
If you need any more info or pictures just ask and I will send.

Whats ur water temps

@fano_man my water temp stays cool I have ac in my room and keep the temp from 65-70 always water is always cold when I go to check ppm and ph. The problem must have been calcium or magnesium deficiency since my ph was 6.4 and the plant could not absorb the nutrients. I believe I am no expert and am just guessing based on what I looked up