New grower just want some input on how it looks

First time grower got a galato auto going 17 days old running advanced nutrients perfect ph and voodoo juice and hydroguard with calmag hows it looking ph is around 6.2 :ok_hand:


Looking good :ok_hand:
I assume doing a dwc ?

And welcome to the community!

Its in a areo garden at the moment gonnna move it to a dwc bucket with a bubbler and a drip ring i about a week

I would bring pH down a little . I bring mine to 5.8

Good luck! I’ll be along for the ride if I can help I will, or some great folks around here I’ll tag in

What do u use to raise and lower ive been reading and alot of it has been lemon juice and baking soda or is there something better to use

I use pH up and down by general hydroponic.
It’s pretty cheap. I Don’t ever need up. Just some down. If I need to bring it up for some reason, I’ll add a little extra silica. That will raise the pH


Ok thanks

No problem. Out of curiosity what is the rest of details about grow.
What size tent and light will you be using once transplant.

It’s in a 24x48x60 tent with 2 75 watt full spectrum light bars and the 45 watt aerogarden light with 2 15 gallon air pumps and a small fan temp is staying around 75 to 80 and the humidity is around 65


Looks Good. Concur PH Down

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You can probably use aerogarden light alone if you bypass timer and keep light on all the time. I pulled my res off and just use party cups for starting plants under the light, 24/0 is exactly what i do until transplant and moved under larger light. I agree witn dropping ph to 5.8 too.

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The light on the aerogarden has a adjustable light timer i got it set to 20/4 but ive been thinking about going to a 18/6 for the light

I’m aware, i have one as well. When i use gor cannabis i leave light on all the time to keep plant from stretching during dark hours.

Im gonna have to try that bc this thing is shooting up fast