New Grower Here Looking for some help with trimming/topping

I have 2 ladies growing in the house, both clones, both 70/30 Inica Hybrid. I picked them up Nov 11, they are under 2

, on an 18 hour light cycle. Temp stays between 65-75. Humidity between 30-50. I just started feeding every other watering with Fox Farms liquids at 1/2 strength. The taller one (Laverne), had a little trouble with windburn after I installed a fan. Now the fan is set to come on every 2 hours for 5 minutes at a shot, only when the lights are on. I have been trimming older large fan leaves when it seems like a good time to do so. To me they look great. Remember, new grower…

Anyways, I think Laverne is really getting too tall. Would it be wise to top again? I topped her once, right after I got her. I planned on vegging until about the 1st of the year, but that is just a guess. Any thought son this? Any comments on what I may be doing right or wrong? This is a great resource, and I read a lot from here there and everywhere, but some comments from the experts would be greatly appreciated.




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@Tomshell Welcome to the neighborhood!!
When your plants go into flower, they will have a big stretch. Sometimes double in height or more before they nestle Into producing buds. So if you have height that is restricted, you could do some low stress training or creative cuts. I would personally do LST that way the plant goes through less stress and you still have great grow going! Those plants look perfect to try LST. Again welcome! And Laverne being the taller one…I see what you did there. :rofl:

Welcome to the forum!!! Those are quite lovely. Depending on your grow space I would make my decision to top, lst or hst. If I am looking at your grow space right there personally I would crop them. If you LST and do tie downs you need horizontal space as you will be trying to spread the plant to open the middles and allow smaller growth to come up evenly throughout the plant. HST such as cropping you can pinch the main colas and almost fold them in on themselves rather than out. I would try to supercrop those into a square. Stop the vertical and the horizontal. My own personal. Best of luck fellow cultivator. :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

After reading, and reading some more, I decided to go the simple way. Too many options, and I feel intimidated by some of the methods. So, I topped by cutting n 2 places on Laverne and 1 on Shirley. I increased the dli a bit(55), and fed some nutes. I am thinking after they recover maybe it is time to start the flowering process. I am afraid they are going to get too big and my space is definitely limited. Before I transition them, maybe I will try to clone at least one. Thanks for the replies, it gave me so many options and after this grow I should have more confidence to do something different. Cheers!

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This won’t last long. Confidence will come after a few successful harvests. Welcome aboard!!

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Welcome to the neighborhood. Lots of great information and people here. Happy Growing :blush::v: