New Grower, GGAF need help

Hi Everyone,
I started my gorilla glue auto flower seeds last weekend. I did the soke and then move to soil once the the tails started to show. Things were looking really good, the first two were standing up tall and the second two were sprouting out of the soil, then first one started to droop then the next one started to droop and the two starting to sprout have stalled and don’t look awesome.

look a little dry are you covering with a dome. you can cut off the top off a soda bottle spay the inside lightly with water

Thanks. I took the dome off today because the temps was at 81 and I thought the dome was raising the temps too much. I can spray some water on it and re-add it.

I’ve been trying to water sparingly using a mister, just a few sprays a couple times per day. Is there a more scientific measure of how much I should be watering the seedlings?

Just off the top of my head it might be heat. Must be hotter than 81 under the dome. Try to get your temps down. They do need plenty of humidity though for sure. I usually use done 3-7 days.

Those peat pots wick water away when exposed to air. I would be lightly watering plants this size. Not just misting. Heat should be at of below 78 degrees F optimal.


If you have a droopy seedling, a carefully placed twist tie can raise the Cotyledons above the soil, and allow the plant to grow.

Thank you, I’ve tried propping and tying them now.

Thank you. When you say lightly watering instead of misting, approximately how much would you give them? Or would you just water until top 1/2 inch or so is wet?

Thank you, working on a plan to drop my temps under the tome by raising the light 6 inches or so and I’ve added a humidifier to the room to increase the humidity. I live in pretty dry area so my RH was probably only 30%.

Yes a few ounces of water. Don’t drown the plant though.

Thank you. I’m afraid this round of plants might be lost (I’m still nursing them but it doesn’t look good), but I’ve learned a bit. I’ve adjusted things in the room so that my R.H. is now 60% instead of 30% and my temp under the dome seems to max at 81F so the next round will have a better environment. I’ve got 2 more seeds that finished soaking and went into the soil last night. I’m still waiting for my gro box to show up but hopefully I’ll have a decent hydro setup for the next crop.

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Good luck