New grower! All tips would be greatly appreciated!

Hello, I planted two of these 5/1 and the other two on 5/4 i have one that sprouted very early so I didn’t see it needed light until a day later, it is very wonky and long, any tips on how to care for this guy? Also when to bring them outside? What to look out for when sex parts come. Got these seeds from bud along the way and from a friend, unsure of genders, anyone know how to find early signs for females or males? Here’s some pics of my plants!

Windows block the necessary UV from sunlight. As long as you’re getting 14+ hours of sunlight, they should be good to go outside. Anything less, they can try to flower and then go through a reveg which will seriously through your whole grow off.


You can support them with a bamboo skewer until they are ready for transplant. when you transplant you can bury them up to the leaves to give them some support. start them outside in the shade and gradually give them more time outside and more sun to acclimate them to the outdoors.


He has a thread started here

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happy tuesday i had a question if im doing outdoor growing will i need any vitamins or phs for my plants? i use banana peels for all my other plants to live longer and stronger, would that hurt my plants once they get bigger? or shall i just let mother nature take its course, it is my first grow so i do want to have atleast one plant that survives lol

For my outdoor grows, I don’t bother with pH or vitamins…actually I only pH the water with my indoor when watering. I think that I have tested runoff twice. Just one advantage of living soils, microorganisms pretty much maintain the soil. I add organic matter a couple times a grow and just watch the plants. They tell me what needs to be done.

Organic matter, like banana peels, old lettuce, etc. should be placed in a compost bed first. Compost is what should go in the soil. Using raw organic matter in your soil will initially deplete nitrogen as the microorganisms begin breaking it down.

yes we have two compost bins, all our veggies and fruit go in there we dont ever throw in trash lol, my mother is about 75 and still loves to garden i try to make it as simple for her

hoping her green thumb will keep my plants alive lol

I sure hope they’re organic banana peels. I’ve seen two people lose their entire crops in the last year by feeding store-bought regular banana peels it’s treated with a very toxic pesticide. Just for your info

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ive got a banana tree, we finally produced bananas after a long wait, but usually do get organic, ive seen those weird bananas nowadays

Wow, must be amazing to have a banana tree of your own. I envy you. I love bananas they have so many uses :anguished:

Like Monkey Bait?

yes they do! i think my mom just stuck one in the grown took a couple years to finally grow fruit but theyre very sweet! not sure the name but theyre super small and fat

Yeah I’ve seen the small tiny ones in the stores. They’re actually slightly higher than a regular banana. I did get a bunch on time and they are quite sweet. Good stuff enjoy and good luck with your grow