New grow , Support ticket

Concerned about the growth. Sharing a few photos of a single plant. Do we remove lightened bottom leaves? Hopefully ive submitted the support ticket correctly. Been around a while but still learning my way around.

  • What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed - Unknown. Photo from Jamaica.
  • Method: Water Only Soil. Detroit Water Only.
  • Vessels: Pots - cloth 5 gallon.
  • PH of runoff 6.5
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable = General Hydroponics 2.5 ml of each solution.
  • Indoor or Outdoor - indoor
  • Light system -


Temps; 67-72

  • Humidity; struggling at 45
  • Ventilation system; No
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier - No
  • Co2; No

@latewood @bob31

no, just let her grow.!
looks like she was put into flower a little too early…???

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Hmmmm?? What could’ve caused early flowering? Could it be from using the Mycos during transplant? Dangit. Really wanted this to work.

What lighting schedule are you on? And are you sure it’s a photo and not an autoflower?

Since I was quite sure it was a photo its been on 12 on 12 off. Possibly not enough light though. Can I adjust the light (intensity/schedule) to recerse back to veg? Assumed not auto because of the source.

How old is she?

12/12 moves it right to flowerin phase. If you goto 18/6 it will move back to veg

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Planting started MID November. Transplant was roughly a month ago with Mycos. Plant looked like it regular veg stage before transplant now this. First nutes were today. Will work on light immediately.

Pre-transplant photo

On 12/12 it would start flowering as soon as sexually mature, usually about 4 weeks or so. That’s why you’re well into flower right now anyway. You need to run longer light cycle to keep plant in veg if you want larger plant. Next time run your photos on 18/6 until desired size and then switch to 12 hour light cycle.

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I agree. So much lower foliage is not present so, just let them get used up, and they will fall off. Nutrient level is too low. 2.5 ml of 3-part GH is below the minimum dosage of 5ml as per GH recommendation. They advise 5-8ml per gallon per each part.

Plant look good although a small yield for the effort. :slight_smile:
Happy growing, lw