New Grow Set Up in 3x3

Hey Guys,

First and foremost, I wish I would have found this site earlier than I did in the planning process, because it kinda made me re-think a lot of things.

Originally I was planning on trying to do a 2’x3’x5’ grow in my bedroom closet. However, after reading through the forum, the consensus seems to be that a 3x3 is kind of the ideal small grow setup. With that being said, I would have to move my tent to the garage ( I have two roommates so no extra rooms, and dont want it just out in the open). I live in a climate where during the summer we will regularly see temps in the 90s. Humidity is normally pretty damn high outside normally in the 85+% range. With that being said, is it possible to run a good grow in the garage. it’s really the only place I could fit a 3x3. I was thinking that maybe getting an AC Infinity to monitor temps and RH. Will get a dehumidifier for flower for sure. Any thoughts on setting up in the garage or is that too hot?

I also wanted to stick with the HLG QBs. What size should I get with the 3x3. Probably going to start doing 3 plants on this first grow.


Many people has had successful grows in garage and basement. Different parts of the country have different temperature humidity issues but nothing you can’t handle. QB good choice onl lights Good luck

Hey. Welcome aboard! Glad to have you around.

Man just a few months ago I was right there in the same shoes you are.

I was looking at the 2x4x5 tent. I need small in my situation.

But after reading tons here at ILGM, I went with the 3x3. Now I wished I would if got as big as possible for my space, which would be the 4x4.

Seems a 4x4 is the best fit for a small grow, unless your space is just limited to a smaller tent.

I have that AC Infinity cloudline T6 as well.

Hope this helps some. Just my 2 cents!

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Im in a 3x3 as well, I have the AC Infinity fan also. I built a really easy diy QB light setup for under 300.00 and it fills the tent wall to wall with great light. Give my journal a read, my temps and humidity are around yours too.


If your temps and humidity will be that high during summer, you’ll want to invest in some AC and a dehumidifier for your garage. I grow in my garage too, but I’m in a mild climate (PNW) :v::bear:


I have a HLG 260 in my 3 x 3 and it works perfect :grin:


I will second the works perfect statement!


same here, u must live next door.!!

i grow in a well insulated ‘garage’, ~450 sq ft with 8.5 ft tall ceiling,
RH is regulated in the winter with a 70 pint dehu., heat in winter with a DuraFlame infrared quarts heater, and in summer i use a 12,000 btu window a/c which keeps the RH a little low at 40%.

i m only running ~375 watts of QB, one heat mat, one 6" Hurricane inline, and timers.

bloom room, 2x 135w HLG QB kits…

veg room, 1x 135w HLG QB kit…

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Welcome to the forum!

I think a 3x3 tent is a really good choice. But if it came down to growing inside in climate controlled environment, I’d probably go for that with smaller tent.

It’s not to say that you can’t grow in a garage. But in your climate will be an uphill battle without a/c and heat.

For a discreet standpoint and having roommates, do you have unexpected guests in the garage? Anyone who has ever been caught is always from a friend who tells a friend, hey check this out.

I’ve always told people, trust no one. No ones been inside my grow, as much as I would like to show people it’s just not possible. Unless it’s legal where you live, but then you still need to keep it private.


maximize your space imho. seeds and clones in the closet, veg out and maybe start first flower run in the 3x3, then move the first run of flowering plants into the garage. so now you have seeds clones, veg, flower all with their own areas. dehuey for the garage no doubt. to take it even further, you could do the last two weeks outside certain times of year when the temps are down and sun low, early spring and fall are great for finishing outside in cold weather.