New grow issues

I have 2 5 week old GSCE autoflower plants growing in ffof. I top dressed with organic fertilizer 2 tbsp 463 after I started seeing yellow flowers at the bottom of plants 5 days ago. I now have yellow spots poppers up on leaves further up plant. I watered with cal mg today. Do I need to flush or ride it out.16319770290716044954992698056400|281x500

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Welcome to the community @Hank68 . Let the pics fully download edited posting. The medium you’re using is preloaded and will carry the plant to week 4ish with PHd water only. Can you post another pic? Great place to be, so many excellent cannabis cultivators here willing to help you be successful :love_you_gesture:


If you tap the numbers you can see the picture. I am to new to be for sure on what is going on but there are others that can help. @oldmarine

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Could splash burn from droplets during feeding. Seeing a touch of too much nitrogen, but doesn’t seem to be affecting her growth wise :love_you_gesture:

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Can we get a pic of the whole plant? The new growth at the top looks a little funky too. Very dark green could be just the strain or could be a little too heavy on the N.

Which fertilizer did you use?

What’s your water source?

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Appears pH related to me. I also see the start of nitrogen toxicity. Dark waxy green leaves and curling

Ticket would help.

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  • What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed
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  • Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths
  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Light system
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Thanks for the tag but I’m no help. Mainly because my leaves don’t last long enough to show age issues

Ride it out. I don’t believe your issue is nutrient related. Probably an isolated event, but keep your eye on it…

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Garden tone organic actually 344 not 463. Using spring water 6.2 ph. Leaves have been dark green for the whole grow been trying to wait at least 2 days between watering. Leaves were curling prior to top dressing

That’s 2.5 weeks old as in above ground? Super big if so! What medium are you growing in? I ask because some mediums come preloaded per say and need PH’d water only for several weeks. Do you think you could have spilled some nutes when you were top feeding? I only see that on 1 leaf. Other than too much nitrogen, I would water feed only checking your run off numbers will let you know your TDS :love_you_gesture:

Seeing all those pistils leads me to believe she is around week 5ish above ground??

Never mind on the medium, read back the through🤟

5 weeks today. Fox farm ocean forest soil

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Very nice in size, she’ll be needing less nitrogen and more PK in a few weeks. Overall in spite of high nitrogen she looks healthy :love_you_gesture:

How stiff are the side branches? If you can pull those down and tie them off all those lower buds will grow. Left alone you’re looking at some considerable lower larf/popcorn nugs. They won’t ripen like the uppers. Do you feed beneficial microbes? With your medium and the 5 weeks, it needs some bacteria and fungi. Great resources for those are Recharge, Mykos, Azos, worm castings .

I have only applied worm castings. How much should I use? I have only applied maybe a cut top dressing

A cup 5 days ago

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Very impressive, I’m new have no advice but growing the GSCX autos too, 8 weeks Monday. I also used FFOC, and coco locco, about the same stuff. Have 3, 1 kinda like yours and 2 little ones probably might fault newbie. Give u something to look forward to, good luck, check out thread show u what not to do lol good luck

That’s perfect, I too dress worm poop then blend it in several inches deep. Those beneficial microbes are essential to keeping healthy roots and improve the uptake of nutrients. Try and get some Recharge or Mykos, not very expensive and a little goes a long way. These should be added weekly and you can feed these on your water day. Molasses is a great supplement as well, a small amount is in the Recharge :love_you_gesture: