New grow few questions

Gonna post pics of nutrients should this give bud better flavore last plant tasted too homegrown…and does my plant look ok for first one i git to produce buds…im using rhis dyna grow bloom and dyna grow grow

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Dyna gro should be fine, although I think the more popular option of theirs is foliage pro with pro tekt. Follow the directions and then check ppm and adjust to reasonable level if needed, should be decent.

You could definitely over feed with any of the nutrient bottles. But that’s not the only thing that could provide harsh smoke. You also want to make sure your plants are well cared for, dried, cured, and stored properly.


I’ve had good luck with Dyna-Gro. I use Foliage Pro for veg an bloom for flowering stage. @dbrn32 has you covered.

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