New clones

Ok so I took three clones…
Two from a heathy purple urkle and one off a healthy blue dream…

They have been in a humidity dome for the past 5 days and are looking good.
I don’t wanna check on their roots at all and I’d just like to know what physical characteristics they show upon dying.

Thanks for the help!

If they are looking droopy they are not getting enough water. Pete and coco plugs look like they are dry when they are drying out. I’ve never used rockwool, so I can’t comment on that. Other than that, I’m not sure I’m understanding your question.

Well sir John,
you need to check the roots. They need to pretty white. May not come out of rockwool cube yet.
You make sure that your rockwool is damp, not wet, and in a humidity dome until the roots pop out of the rockwool cubes.
If you are going into a hydro system; You can transplant anytime after you see healthy roots.
Hope this helps.

Yes this helps appreciate the info… I’m using rapid rooters and clonex…checked and can’t see any roots coming through yet.

@macgyver stoner:
My question was basically, how will plants look If they are dying? They’re all looking really good no drooping…still really green.

Good, then they should do just fine, if they look healthy then they don’t have an air embolism and are taking up water even if roots haven’t developed yet. All should be well and you should see roots start to poke out of whatever medium you are using in not to much more time, then you know for sure they can be put in their larger container or what have you and they will survive.

Thanks a lot…I appreciate the useful info

Here is another tip: When they root, they grow. When you look in one day, you will notice new leaves and they seem taller…They have rooted. Glad to help.