New Apera ph60 calibration Questions

How often should you calibrate the PH60? Every time you turn it on? Weekly? Don’t say in the manual.


I was told with my ph 20 that between grows is fine unless u seem to have ph issues. Can do as often as ud like tho it wont hurt anything ive done mine when i got it so far and thats it. Seems to be fine tho. Between grows works for ne unless i hit a snag


I have an Apera ph20 that started working really slowly and wouldn’t calibrate. After trying everything I could think of, I wrote the company. Sometime wrote me back right away with suggestions and within a few days I had a warranty replacement on the way. It was such a good customer experience.

I believe what they suggest is to check it in the pH 7 solution and see what reading you get. If it gives the correct reading, then you probably don’t need to worry about calibrating then.

I’ve tried to get into a habit of checking at least once per week since it’s a relatively simple process. With the apera I have it says check the 7.0 solution and if it doesn’t read accurately calibrate. When required I do the two point calibration with the 7.0 solution and the 4.0. They have a really short video here about it

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I test mine once a month. Have stretched it to three months but it definitely is off by a few points at that point.