New and Overwhelmed

I am as new as new gets. Have spent hours reading this forum and have become overwhelmed.
I ordered Golf Leaf (fem) and Sour Diesel (fem). I soaked 2 of each in water and 3% hydrogen peroxide mix. They all cracked and have now been planted in solo cups with Fox Farms Happy Frog soil and placed outside. I don’t have the option for lights to start them off.

I plan to have an all outdoor grow with 10 gallon fabric pots with a mixture of FFHF, FFOF, perlite and vermiculite. So I am looking for all the tips, what I should and shouldn’t be doing, etc.

Please help a noobie out :slight_smile:


I’m not an outdoor grow but I can tag one and get you pointed in the right direction. @AAA


Welcome to the forum. I don’t grow outdoors but several do I’m sure they will be along soon with help. Just ask if you have questions this is a great place to be.


Sounds like you are off to a good start. Don’t love (water) them too much to start. Your soil will provide all of the nutrients they need for a while. Make sure your water is pH’d correctly. I grow in FFHF and FFOF and try to keep the pH at 6.5-6.7. Early sun is better. Keep an eye out for pests. That’s about all I can think of for now. Tag me in and I’ll follow along and help when I can.


@GetbackJoJo How long is “a while”? Days, weeks? And what is the best tool to use for measuring pH? Also, if it rains should I be covering them? And what can I do about pests with them so young? I have food grade DE for my chickens and I’ve read a few people use that but wasn’t sure if it would be needed or appropriate for seedlings.
Thank you!!



You have great info already.

They won’t need nutrients until they are a couple feet tall generally.

Watering should be done only when dry, another member describes it as drought/flood technique.

I mix a tablespoon of DE with a spray bottle of reverse osmosis water and spray on my plants(bottom and top of leaves) at least twice a month as a preventative measure. More often if you see pests. Any foliage spray should be done in the early AM before direct sun.

I spray BT for caterpillars twice a week. 1 caterpillar can take down a 2 foot cola in a week if it’s gets inside the stem.

Start a grow journal and tag me in. Way too much Info for you to digest at once, so just keep up with the forum and you will get all the help you need.

I have 5 sour diesel going outside right now along with a bunch of other strains.


be aware, prefertilized media is famous for burning plants. dilute with non-fertilized.
best to be the source of nutes …vs…uncontrolled prefertilized.


@tanlover442 I plan to add nutes later. (Not sure how much later) Have heard good things about Fox Farms Trio. But I get lost when they start talking about flushing and when to add, etc.


You can clog the stomata of the leaves and they will have difficulty transpiring moisture and gasses FYI.

I would add a dome to your sprouts when they go out and DON’T put them in direct sunlight as it will nuke the seedlings. Domed for 2 weeks or so. When you see signs of roots wanting out of the solo cup you can transplant. Layering OF and HF can be a beneficial technique too.


Thank you for the heads up.

I have been doing it regularly without issue, besides my plants looking like they have WPM.


@Myfriendis410 What would you recommend in place of the DE mixture? And would placing them under a large tree still provide them with enough light but not be directly in it?

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You can hang them up in the tree and let them grow through the canopy.


WPM? Do tell…

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Most trees will provide good shaded sun for new plants.

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when first starting out…KISS it. Keep it simple…use name brand supplies, keep a journal to review and adjust nute levels as needed. start at 20% of mfg’s feeding schedule…adjust as needed. must have is a PH n PPM Meter set…$20 online. must have!
suggest you avoid the many “extra additives” until you have a few grows experience. even then choose wisely…no need to spend bucks on fancy labels.

AND… ask questions here.


I think WPM = White Powdery Mildew.


Bingo! Give that man a seeegar!


Too funny enjoying a nice Padron and a scotch right now. :sunglasses:


I use a combination of Btk, Spinosad (alternating) and peroxide. Spray a 50/50 mixture on the plants of 3%, let dry for 48 hours then spray with either BtK (Safer Spray) or Spinosad (Captain Jack’s Dead Bug). Let that stand for 5 days and repeat the process. Use the other product the next round. It’s dead easy to do; once a week with an atomizer or pump sprayer. If you DO have an infestation prior to flower you can use a 50/50 mix of isopropyl alcohol and water. Won’t hurt the plant but will melt THC. This kills EVERYTHING.

You can use the peroxide/bacteria treatment right up to harvest with no ill effects. This is a more useful technique than the alcohol because typically the plant is less able to fend off diseases and pests while diverting so much energy into flower production.

I wash my harvest too. I should have taken a picture of my last harvest wash from an entirely indoor grow: water was still brown.

The peroxide works on WPM (white powdery mildew).


Picture of my faux WPM aka Diatomaceous Earth: