Need some pointers on WPM

I just set up a new 3x3 tent. Everything was new, fans, exhaust fans, lights, pots, everything. I have 1 6 inch fan blowing directly on a very small photo. Temps 80 lights on and low 70s lights off. New grow in finished basement. Rh 40-50% somehow i have wpm. I set this up in my basement to maintain the ideal conditions and im getting wpm. Any help?

I also have a 2x4x5 tent on the opposite side of the basement (different room) second grow in this tent. Im experiencing the same wpm. This tent isn’t dialed in as well, i dont have a wifi controller to keep tabs on it like the other set up. Temps are the same but i have 2 small photo seedlings and 3 autos in there. Rh is 44-60% in this tent. 4 inch exhaust fan and 1 6 inch clip on fan. Wpm is only maybe 2-4 bb size spots on leaves but its on a few plants not all yet.

Ive been taking them outside when its nice enough and spraying them witj neem or another organic solution. It helps for a week or so.
I have already removed everything from tents and sprayed and wiped evrrything eith peroxide/water. Still comes back

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Does your basement have any flooding history? Is it properly sealed as well? It could be wpm is just present in a damp basement. I’m fighting it in a new tent, 2x4 with 4 photos GG4 in the 4th week of flower. I’ve been defoliating, spraying thoroughly with neem seed oil on sundays and because it’s getting cold and dry where i live I’m trying to fog the whole tent every other day with a 50/50 h2o/h2o2 solution in a cool mist humidifier then exhausting hard to clean out the moisture. I’m trying the fogging because neem seed oil alone wasn’t getting it done once a week. I also want this dealt with now so the plants aren’t struggling right up to harvest.

I once had a persistent problem with pwm and finally solved it by running an ozone generator in the space between grows. You can’t use it with growing plants in the room, or any other living thing for that matter.

Caution: The use of Ozone is controversial and can be potentially hazardous. It should be used with caution and for no longer then needed for the size of the space being treated. It kills all the mold and mildew spores though and solved my problem.


Ive veen here 3 years…never any flooding since. All the concrete walls and floors have been painted with dryloc and then regular concrete. paint. Vinyl plank flooring. Drywall for walls. Open ceiling. I have a large dehumidifier set up down there and it keeps it at 50%. I really have no idea why im gettimg wpm.

Can a dehumidifier house spores? Or is that also new. Sorry if ya thought of that just didn’t see it mentioned

Dehumidifier is in the opposite end of the basement. In the utility/storage room and is brand new

Welcome , humidity numbers don’t look bad. I’m also a basement grower but never had a problem. I will say this good air flow is going to be your plant’s best friend, I would add a second circulating fan and crank up exhaust fan a little more. Just my thoughts good luck ! :v:

I just added another fan today. Well see if that helps

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So both tents were cleaned with bleach and all equipment. I also cleaned a second time with agrolyte that is for wpm. Im still getting wpm, very minor due to me constantly checking and also spraying with agrolyte or neem.
Temps continue to stay mid 70s and Rh fluctuates between low 40s to high 40s and i have 2 fans in each tent along with exhaust running 24/7. I still cant figure it out

Anyone have this issue before? Should i be looking at getting all new equipment? Tents. Lights, fans? Not really sure if i have any other options. I just trimmed my photos that i flipped on monday and they both had 5 or so leaves that had wpm spots. Kills me that this is happening every run, i cant even get them to harvest because they get too much wpm to handle and i have to chop early

I had to find out more, read for a while about WPM I guess there are a few species of fungus spores that will cause it, not one pathogen. What they have in common is they go through reproductive cycles and they reside in material at the soil surface planning their next attack. Some germinate rapidly at any room humidity (L. taurica) but common conditions for spore release are low light, high soil humidity, and excess fertility. For a few optimal infection is 18 - 25C so might wanna try bringing that temp up to 80, and cover your soil with mulch to keep wind off it and ruin their homes. Next run try a different source for soil and have something less fertile on top like starting mix, and mulch on top of that. I dunno what else to say, actually that’s more than I knew a few hours ago! Good luck and I hope you get a harvest!

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