Need some help please, 2 weeks in soil

Hello, I have 2 week old autos in coco loco and super soil on bottom of pot.
First time doing this grow in soil.
Right now my ppfds 350
RH 70 %
Temp 78 degrees
Lights on 23 off 1 hour
Was Using well water at 7.25ph
Then I phd it down to 6.6
Now I’m using RO at 6.6 pH.
Anyhow a couple don’t look too good, can you help me?

I don’t see much to be concerned about.

RO water contains no ions and therefore has no pH. It cannot and should not be pH adjusted.

Coco and soil each have different pH and watering requirements. They should not be mixed.

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Hey! Thanks for answering.
I’m using coco loco soil mix. Not doing 100 percent coco.
For soil water should be phd from 6 to 7 in that range from what I understand?
I shouldn’t be using RO for soil I guess is the point?

RO is fine to use but it doesn’t need adjustment. It takes on the Ph of the media into which it is intro. I use RO.

The soil pH range us 6.3 to 6.8.

Ahh ok, my first grow was I used ro but my media was coco. It was a successful harvest but it was paint staking getting everything right.
So now I’m in soil. How the heck do I pH my soil? Please

You shouldnt need to feed for several weeks. Check run off to see what the root zone pH is. If out of whack adjust by feeding. If pH out is 5.9 for example, I would use my RO and give it 300 ppm’s of something so it will hold that pH going in and pH the water going in to 7.1 or so. I play with pH alot and have become familiar with where I need to be going in to raise or lower pH to keep it in the 6.2-6.8 range.

You can do a slurry test when opening a new bag of soil. With FF, I use the Happy, Ocean and the Coco Loco, and I have had some come back at 5.5 out of the bag.

RO is actually very good since it is a blank slate, all he was saying is that it will not maintain a pH since it has no ions. You have to give it something, I usually bump it with cal mag to get to 300 ppm’s then it will hold the pH and affect the soil instead of the other way around.

Ok, so I need to soak my 3 gallon pot and test the run off or slurry test ?
I have cal mag and I understand that won’t hurt my beneficial bacteria.

I do the slurry. 1 cup soil and 1 cup water and let it sit overnight. Then strain and test the water.

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Ok cool, thanks :+1:
I appreciate your support

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since they are still so young, I would not drench your pots to get the run off to test. If you want to go this route, wait for your next scheduled water day and just run the RO until you get enough out to test. Then with the run off result, you will know what to do the next watering.


Thanks, they are doing really good except for these two…


Hey bro, slurry test is a confirmed 6.2ph. Thanks for the advice!


Is the fan closer to those 2 almost looks like wind damage

That’s a brand spanking new infinity I just got, but I did have my other fan blowing on them. Nothing crazy.
I have this one with leaves curling downward? You know what this is?

Could you take a look at these?
2 plants at top are looking sick compared to the 2 at bottom. Same light, same water.

Orange Sherbert looks stunted for sure. Not sure why.